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Ural-Altaic {adj}
uralaltaisch [auch: ural-altaisch]
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Übersetzung für 'Ural-Altaic' von Englisch nach Deutsch

Ural-Altaic {adj}
uralaltaisch [auch: ural-altaisch]ling.
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  • A complete facsimile was published in 1958, as part of the Ural-Altaische Bibliothek ("Ural-Altaic Library").
  • During the 3rd Congress the Sun Language Theory was presented according to which the Ural-Altaic, Indo-European and Semitic languages had their source in the Turkish language.
  • The same applied to Turks and all other "Ural-Altaic" peoples.
  • Hungarian-American scholar Linda Dégh also reported that "parallels" were found in Romania, and stories with its "elements" were located among "the Russians, the Ural-Altaic Turks, and to Hungarians' kindred nations of North Asia".
  • During his European period Pritsak initiated the establishment of the "International Association of UralAltaic Studies".

  • The scholars of the Turan society interpreted the ethnic and linguistic kinship and relations between Hungarians and the so-called Turanian peoples on the basis of the then prevailing Ural-Altaic linguistic theory.
  • Räsänen was a supporter of the Ural-Altaic language hypothesis.
  • Ural-Altaic, Uralo-Altaic or Uraltaic is a linguistic convergence zone and former language-family proposal uniting the Uralic and the Altaic (in the narrow sense) languages.
  • The British responded that the Kurds are of Indo European and the Turks of Ural Altaic origin and on the 4 February 1923 the parties decided the Mosul Question to be excluded from the negotiations of the Lausanne Treaty.
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