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NOUN   Uruk | -
Uruk {n}
Uruk period [also: Uruk Period]
Uruk-Zeit {f}
Uruk period [also: Uruk Period]
Uruk-Periode {f}
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Übersetzung für 'Uruk' von Englisch nach Deutsch

Uruk {n}archaeo.geogr.hist.

Uruk period [also: Uruk Period]
Uruk-Zeit {f}archaeo.hist.

Uruk-Periode {f}archaeo.hist.
  • Uruk {n} = Uruk
  • Uruk-Periode {f} = Uruk period [also: Uruk Period]
  • Uruk-Zeit {f} = Uruk period [also: Uruk Period]
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  • It has been dated to the Uruk period (ca. 3500–3200 BC).
  • La-ba'shum of Uruk was the eighth Sumerian ruler in the First Dynasty of Uruk (ca. 26th century BC), according to the "Sumerian King List".
  • Udul-kalama of Uruk was the seventh Sumerian ruler in the First Dynasty of Uruk (ca. ...
  • HD 231701 is named Uruk. The name was selected in the NameExoWorlds campaign by Iraq, during the 100th anniversary of the IAU.
  • The pottery of level V show influences from the Uruk culture, with parallels at Susa, Uruk (IV) and Nippur The typical Jemdet Nasr tall storage jars, known from Nippur, and the bevelled rim bowls of Uruk are missing however.

  • The systems that would later become the classical standard for Mesopotamia were developed in parallel with writing during Uruk Period Sumer (c. ...
  • Susa came within the Uruk cultural sphere during the Uruk period.
  • Although the chronology of the Uruk period is full of uncertainties, it is generally agreed to have a rough span of a thousand years covering the period from 4000 to 3000 BC and to be divided into several phases: an initial urbanisation and elaboration of Urukian cultural traits marks the transition from the end of the Ubaid period (Old Uruk), then a period of expansion (Middle Uruk), with a peak during which the characteristic traits of the 'Uruk civilization' are definitively established (Late Uruk), and then a retreat of Urukian influence and increase in cultural diversity in the Near East along with a decline of the 'centre'.
  • The Lament for Uruk, also called the Uruk Lament or the Lament for Unug, is a Sumerian lament. It is dated to the Isin-Larsa period.
  • Proto-Cuneiform emerged in the Uruk IV period, circa 3300 BC and continued though the Uruk III times.

  • According to Geoffrey Summers, the movement of Kura-Araxes peoples into Iran and the Van region, which he interprets as quite sudden, started shortly before 3000 BC, and may have been prompted by the 'Late Uruk Collapse' (end of the Uruk period), taking place at the end of Uruk IV phase c.
  • The intensity of the exchanges suggest however that the contacts between Egypt and Mesopotamia were often direct, rather than merely through middlemen or through trade. Uruk had known colonial outposts of as far as Habuba Kabira, in modern Syria, insuring their presence in the Levant.
  • En-nun-tarah-ana of Uruk was the ninth Sumerian ruler in the First Dynasty of Uruk (ca. 26th century BC), according to the "Sumerian King List", reigning for 8 years.
  • Two grain samples from the Middle Uruk layer of the Uruk Mound were accelerator radiocarbon dated with calibrated dates of 3520 ± 130 BC. Calibration was based on that of Pearson.
  • ... , ḪI׊E-ḪI×AŠ₂-tur-ra; sometimes written as "BIRHARtura") was a royal guard of Gilgamesh in Uruk.

  • The Oghuz States was subdivided into "uruks" and "aimaks".
  • A kings list fragment states that Babylon's "kingship passed to E'urukuga".
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