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V-bevel [med. cannulae]
Fünfflächen-Anschliff {m} [med. Kanülen]
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Übersetzung für 'V bevel' von Englisch nach Deutsch

V-bevel [med. cannulae]
Fünfflächen-Anschliff {m} [med. Kanülen]tech.
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  • Unfortunately, the complicated bevel gear-driven camshaft made the bike uneconomical to produce, thus the 1974 model is the only round-case 90-degree v-twin with desmodromic valve gear.
  • The machines were initially designed with three Westinghouse motors arranged horizontally but were re-designed with 1,500 V Dick Kerr motors arranged vertically and, presumably, driving through bevel gears.
  • Launched in 1931, the AJS S3 was a 496 cc transverse V-twin tourer with shaft primary drive (but chain final drive), three-speed bevel-driven gearbox and alloy cylinder heads.
  • The single bevel-gear overhead camshaft ran across the cylinder head and four bores with special air cooling housed two pairs of cylinders at 26 degrees to each other.
  • If the bevel of the blade is on the outer surface of the curve the gouge is called an 'outcannel' gouge, otherwise it is known as an 'incannel' gouge.
  • This kit used the same gearboxes and gears as the Marui Jeep CJ (MT-59-RC-7) and the Marui Toyota Landcruiser (MT-59-RC-8) kits and consisted of 2 large bevel gears, and a gear set of 48 pitch metric.
  • This can also be applied to bevel gears, as in the final drive of the Citroën Type A.
  • They subsequently specialised in camshafts and bevel gear manufacture until 1968 when the name was lost.
  • The engine camshaft is driven by a bevel. Transmission is via a multi-plate dry clutch and four-speed gearbox to the rear wheels.
  • Power then went to a longitudinal drive shaft in the center of the frame that drove the outboard axle on each powered truck through bevel gears in an enclosed gearcase riding on the axle between the truck frames.
  • This then used bevel gears to connect to a countershaft and thence to the rear wheels by a belt.
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