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V-style [ski jumping]
V-Stil {m} [Skispringen]
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V-style jumper [ski jumping]
V-Springer {m} [Skispringen]
trigeminal nerve <CN V, CNV, V> [Nervus trigeminus] [fifth cranial nerve]
Trigeminus {m} <V> [kurz für: Nervus trigeminus]
vice versa {adv} <vv, v.v.>umgekehrt <v. v.>
vice versa {adv} <vv, v.v.>vice versa <v. v.>
vertical sync pulse <VSYNC / V SYNC / V-sync / V-Sync pulse>
Vertikal-Synchronimpuls {m} <VSYNC / V-Sync Puls>
vertical sync pulse <VSYNC / V SYNC / V-sync / V-Sync pulse>
vertikaler Synchronisationsimpuls {m} <VSYNC / V-Sync Puls>
ad valorem <a.v., AV, a/v>
ad valorem <a. v.>
ad valorem {adj} <a.v.> <a/v>nach Wert
vee-vee connection <VV connection, V-V connection>
VV-Schaltung {f}
versus {prep} <v, v., vs, vs.>gegen <geg.> [+Akk.]
jacket-style buoyancy compensator (device) <jacket-style BCD>
Jacket {n} [Tarierweste; Tauchausrüstung]
... V/div / V/div. / mV/div / mV/div. [oscilloscope]
... V/Teil / V/Teil. / mV/Teil / mV/Teil. [Oszilloskop]
V-necked {adj}
mit V-Ausschnitt [nachgestellt]
V [letter]
{n} [Buchstabe]
V-Motor {m}
V-Leitwerk {n}
Abbe'sche Zahl {f}
V-Ring {m}
V-Formation {f}
V-Modell {n}
Keilscheibe {f} [ugs.] [Keilriemenscheibe]
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  • To not sacrifice stand-over clearance, Cannondale made a "V-style" top tube from two tubes – a very controversial design.
  • In Kaif (Koskullskulle AIF), he has also been active after he stopped competing, he has trained ski jumper Jan Boklöv who is the founder of V style that today is the basic style of ski jumping.
  • Unix-like operating systems provide single-user mode functionality either through the System V-style runlevels, BSD-style boot-loader options, or other boot-time options.
  • V. style portfolios still dominate the portfolio world it is common to back it up with a website containing personal statements, contact details, and experience.
  • In a 1935 model year style change it had been improved with a "streamlined" V-style windshield.

  • Along with Jan Boklöv and Stefan Zünd, he was an early pioneer of the V-style.
  • This technique was the standard technique until the V-style was developed by Jan Boklöv in 1985.
  • The ski jumping styles would change over the years as well, from the Kongsberger technique after World War I to the Daescher technique in the 1950s to the current V-style from 1985 onwards.
  • Before the start of the 1993-94 season, Thoma changed his technique from jumping with parallel skis to the V-style, and was a part of the German team who won the team competition at the 1994 Winter Olympics in Lillehammer.
  • His career ended due to problems in adjusting from the Daescher technique to the V-style in 1991.

  • In 2009, ESP guitars released the first Nergal's signature guitar. It is a 7-string guitar with a V-style body, which is called the "Hex-7".
  • At the time, the transition from the parallel style to the V-style was taking place and Nieminen was one of the first to master the new technique.
  • He had converted from the parallel technique to the V-style just a month previously.
  • Neither the regime change from East Germany to the unified Germany in late 1990, nor the change in ski jumping techniques from the parallel technique to the V-style around 1993 stopped his success.
  • A runlevel is a mode of operation in the computer operating systems that implements Unix System V-style initialization.

  • FreeBSD in particular ditched the SYMDEF table format and embraced the System V style table.
  • The second generation was presented at the Bologna Motor Show in December 2002 and went on sale in the first months of 2003; this model maintains the frame of the previous series but has a totally new design much more streamlined characterized by the "V-style" front with the large V-shaped headlight, while at the rear it has headlights similar in style to those of the Silver Wing maxiscooter.
  • Linux implementation is based on System V-style terminals (commonly referred as UNIX 98 pseudoterminals) and provides POSIX and the Single Unix Specification API in the form of a [...] function since 1998.
  • The score of each judge evaluating the style can reach a maximum of 20 points.
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