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V-Leitwerk {n}
kombiniertes Höhen- und Seitenruder {n}
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Übersetzung für 'V tail' von Englisch nach Deutsch

V-Leitwerk {n}aviat.

kombiniertes Höhen- und Seitenruder {n}aviat.
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  • The "flying" boom is so named because flight control surfaces, small movable airfoils that are often in a V-tail configuration, are used to move the boom by creating aerodynamic forces.
  • A further design of tailplane is the V-tail, so named because that instead of the standard inverted T or T-tail, there are two fins angled away from each other in a V.
  • A V-Tail is a way of combining the control surfaces of the standard "+" configuration of rudder and elevator into a V shape.
  • An alternative to the fin-and-tailplane approach is provided by the V-tail and X-tail designs.
  • The aircraft's most visually striking feature, however, is its inverted V-tail.
  • The tail unit was to have been a simplified light-alloy built-up structure with a plastic foam core mounting a V-tail and housing the retractable outboard motor.
  • The basis of the conversion was the early Model 35 Bonanza with the original small V-tail surfaces.
  • The Model 33 "Debonair" was introduced in 1960 as a lower-priced model with more austere standard instrumentation, exterior equipment, paint schemes, and interior fabrics and trim than the more prestigious V-tail Bonanza.
  • The V-tail fins were angled 50 degrees from the vertical.
  • The KC-10 has both a centerline refueling boom—unique in that it sports a control surface system at its aft end that differs from the V-tail design used on previous tankers—and a drogue-and-hose system on the starboard side of the rear fuselage.
  • The V-tail or "Vee-tail" (sometimes called a butterfly tail or Rudlicki's V-tail and was tested for the first time on the Hanriot H-28 trainer aircraft, modified by a Polish aerospace manufacturer Plage and Laśkiewicz in the summer of 1931. ...
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