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V-Naht {f} [Schweißen]
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Übersetzung für 'V weld' von Englisch nach Deutsch

V-Naht {f} [Schweißen]tech.
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  • In November 2012, the Sisters featured on the album "Electro Swing V" by Bart & Baker collaborating with The Real Tuesday Weld on the song "Last Tango in Clerkenwell".
  • In 1997, Sweeney conducted her first re-identification experiment wherein she successfully identified then Massachusetts governor, William Weld, to his medical records using publicly accessible records.
  • The other, above-mentioned transformer systems (the use of optical systems is probably limited due to design reasons) produce analogous signals in proportion to the scanning element deflection and allow thus the error-proportional weld head tracking and also the electric working point displacement through the superordinate control, e.g.
  • In 1973 Kastan decided he would weld a bicycle frame for his son as a Christmas gift that same year.
  • Single-J butt welds are when one piece of the weld is in the shape of a "J" that easily accepts filler material and the other piece is square.
  • Duncan Weld Shaw is a former British Columbia Supreme Court Justice who served on the Court from 1987 to 2007.
  • The use of COR-TEN in construction presented several challenges; notable among them was ensuring that the weld points weathered at the same rate as the rest of the steel.
  • The voltage needed for welding depends on the resistance of the material to be welded, the sheet thickness and desired size of the nugget.
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