Übersetzung für 'V-groove' von Englisch nach Deutsch
NOUN1   a V groove | V grooves
NOUN2   a V-groove | V-grooves
V groove
V-Nut {f}
Keilrille {f}
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Übersetzung für 'V-groove' von Englisch nach Deutsch

V groove
V-Nut {f}tech.
Keilrille {f}tech.
Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • Within the wide V-groove, there are twelve hydrogen bonds and six salt bridges between the monomers in the presence of phosphate binding.
  • Similar to a French line, is a V-Groove. A V-Groove is a thin cut into the mat around the edge of the opening, revealing the core. It is used for much the same purpose as the French line.
  • They demonstrated that it was superior to the VMOS (V-groove MOSFET) with its lower on-resistance and higher breakdown voltage.
  • VMOS is also used for describing the V-groove shape vertically cut into the substrate material.
  • It consists of a circular strap with an interior V-shaped groove.

  • Forms C and D are simplified variants of A and B for manual use, eliminating features to accommodate automatic tool changers like a V-groove and associated orientation slots, and a recess for an RFID chip.
  • This method is suitable for strain-resistant circuits (e.g. without SMD components). The operator simply breaks the PCB, usually along a prepared V-groove line, with the help of a proper fixture.
  • In 1969, Hitachi introduced the first vertical power MOSFET, which would later be known as the VMOS (V-groove MOSFET). || Up to 3000 amperes, 5000 volts in a single silicon device.
  • Butt joints will be single-V or double-V groove with 45-90° and 0-2 mm root gap. If welding a double-V groove, welding will need to be performed in a minimum of two passes.
  • The desirability for a narrow gap means that most practical heads are made by forming a narrow V-shaped groove in the back face of the core, and grinding away the front face until the V-groove is just breached.

  • This was achieved by machining a 90° “V”-groove into the bottom edge of the cathode.
  • For example, track followers are available with a V-groove for following a V-track, or the OD can have a flange to follow the lip of the track.
  • Babington and V Groove: Liquid is spread over a surface to decrease the surface tension, and passed over a gas orifice; 5.
  • A canonical example of a kinematic coupling consists of three radial v-grooves in one part that mate with three hemispheres in another part.
  • A J-groove is formed either with special cutting machinery or by grinding the joint edge into the form of a J.

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