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NOUN   a V-shaped ditch | V-shaped ditches
V-shaped ditch
Spitzgraben {m}
V-shaped {adj}v-förmig
V-shaped {adj}V-förmig [auch v-förmig]
V-shaped blade
V-Klinge {f}
V-shaped valleys
Kerbtäler {pl}
V-shaped valley
Kerbtal {n}
v-shaped fracture
Flötenschnabelbruch {m}
V-shaped milling cutterPrismenfräser {m}
V-shaped Cupid's bow
V-förmige Kupidoschwinge {f}
trigeminal nerve <CN V, CNV, V> [Nervus trigeminus] [fifth cranial nerve]
Trigeminus {m} <V> [kurz für: Nervus trigeminus]
vice versa {adv} <vv, v.v.>vice versa <v. v.>
vice versa {adv} <vv, v.v.>umgekehrt <v. v.>
vertical sync pulse <VSYNC / V SYNC / V-sync / V-Sync pulse>
Vertikal-Synchronimpuls {m} <VSYNC / V-Sync Puls>
vertical sync pulse <VSYNC / V SYNC / V-sync / V-Sync pulse>
vertikaler Synchronisationsimpuls {m} <VSYNC / V-Sync Puls>
ad valorem <a.v., AV, a/v>
ad valorem <a. v.>
ad valorem {adj} <a.v.> <a/v>nach Wert
eight-shaped {adj} <8-shaped>achtförmig <8-förmig>
vee-vee connection <VV connection, V-V connection>
VV-Schaltung {f}
versus {prep} <v, v., vs, vs.>gegen <geg.> [+Akk.]
ditchWassergraben {m}
ditchGraben {m}
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  • In the 4th century BC, the banks were faced with timber and a deep V-shaped ditch was dug.
  • There is a V shaped ditch about 7 metres wide and two metres deep on the southern side of the Hall.
  • From the road the river appears as a deep V-shaped ditch lined densely with trees over which a plank walkway has been placed.
  • ... 400 BC), with a deep V-shaped ditch and a bank of dumped spoil.
  • In Itazuke, a V-shaped ditch with a reconstructed width of more than 2 meters and a depth of more than 1 mail in cross section is moated in an oval shape with a long diameter of 120 meters and a short diameter of 100 meters.

  • The rath had been surrounded by a V-shaped ditch 19 ft wide and 9 ft deep.
  • The area was bounded by left (northern) bank of Dyje river in the south, right (western) bank of Jihlava River in the east and in the north by rectangular plan enclosed V-shaped ditch.
  • The original defence was a turf rampart 7 metres wide surrounded by a v-shaped ditch.
  • Archaeologists suggested that the initial, ‘Vshaped, ditch surrounding the mound would have been approximately 2 metres in depth suggesting it once had earth ramparts supported by timber.
  • By 100 BC defenses began to be constructed in the form of a V shaped ditch and an internal bank.

  • Around 100 BC, a V-shaped ditch about [...] deep was initially cut to form the outer perimeter of Oldbury Camp and the spoil was heaped up to form a bank.
  • The V-shaped ditch was [...] deep and between [...] and [...] wide; the size of the previous ditch is unknown as re-cutting the ditch has made it hard to ascertain.
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