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V-shaped valleys
Kerbtäler {pl}
V-shaped {adj}v-förmig
V-shaped {adj}V-förmig [auch v-förmig]
v-shaped fracture
Flötenschnabelbruch {m}
V-shaped ditch
Spitzgraben {m}
V-shaped blade
V-Klinge {f}
V-shaped valley
Kerbtal {n}
V-shaped milling cutterPrismenfräser {m}
V-shaped Cupid's bow
V-förmige Kupidoschwinge {f}
trigeminal nerve <CN V, CNV, V> [Nervus trigeminus] [fifth cranial nerve]
Trigeminus {m} <V> [kurz für: Nervus trigeminus]
vice versa {adv} <vv, v.v.>vice versa <v. v.>
vice versa {adv} <vv, v.v.>umgekehrt <v. v.>
valleysTäler {pl}
river valleys
Flusstäler {pl}
great valleysgroße Täler {pl}
alpine valleysAlpentäler {pl}
broad lateral valleysbreite Seitentäler {pl}
vertical sync pulse <VSYNC / V SYNC / V-sync / V-Sync pulse>
vertikaler Synchronisationsimpuls {m} <VSYNC / V-Sync Puls>
vertical sync pulse <VSYNC / V SYNC / V-sync / V-Sync pulse>
Vertikal-Synchronimpuls {m} <VSYNC / V-Sync Puls>
interspersed with valleys {adj} [postpos.] mit zwischengelagerten Tälern [attr.] [nachgestellt]
ad valorem <a.v., AV, a/v>
ad valorem <a. v.>
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  • The dales are 'U'- and 'V'-shaped valleys, the former enlarged and shaped by glaciers, mainly in the most recent Devensian ice age.
  • In dentistry, embrasures are V-shaped valleys between adjacent teeth.
  • This area is characterized by heavy rainfall (up to 3000 mm per year) and deep V-shaped valleys.
  • Typical rivers of Japan rise from mountainous forests and cut out deep V-shaped valleys in their upper reaches, and form alluvial plains in their lower reaches which enable the Japanese to cultivate rice fields and to set up cities.
  • Fields extend as far as they can into v-shaped valleys and there is no flat shore.

  • The district had an elevated altitude, with volcanic mountains and hills, separated by V-shaped valleys. Lake Bunyonyi, the second deepest lake in Africa, is found in the district.
  • The description "klinge" for small V-shaped valleys may derive from the noise of the streams when in spate ("klingen" in German means "ring" "clang" or "jingle").
  • River channels, V-shaped valleys, and mixed Dipterocarp rainforest also characterize the forest reserve.
  • Alluvial cones from the rivers that drain the Marungu Plateau are present at the foot of the Zongwe trough, and there are many V-shaped valleys below the lake level.
  • Along the Ruhr the Ardey has a decidedly hilly character with large height differences, steep, rocky slopes and deep V-shaped valleys.

  • This area is therefore characterised by frequent deep fluvial V-shaped valleys.
  • The otherwise level terraces are interrupted by various features like the V-shaped valleys, flood plains, old river courses or the terminal moraine ridges of the Lower Rhine Heights.
  • Examples of U-shaped valleys are those of the Chéticamp, Grande Anse, and Clyburn River valleys.
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