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V-shaped {adj}v-förmig
V-shaped {adj}V-förmig [auch v-förmig]
3 Wörter
V-shaped blade
V-Klinge {f}
V-shaped ditch
Spitzgraben {m}
v-shaped fracture
Flötenschnabelbruch {m}
V-shaped valley
Kerbtal {n}
V-shaped valleys
Kerbtäler {pl}
4 Wörter
V-shaped Cupid's bow
V-förmige Kupidoschwinge {f}
V-shaped milling cutterPrismenfräser {m}
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  • The V-shaped groove in the vinyl has walls that are 90 degrees to each other, with variations in each wall separately encoding one of the two analogue channels that make up the stereo signal.
  • The current club jumper of a red V shaped yoke on a navy background was first adopted in 1935, and apart from very slight variations over the years, and a period in which royal blue was used between 1975 and 1986 due to the introduction of colour television, the jumper has remained the same.
  • In plan view, these are U-shaped or V-shaped mounds of well-sorted, very fine to medium sand with elongated arms that extend upwind behind the central part of the dune.
  • The Charpy V-notch test determines the impact energy absorption ability or toughness of the specimen by measuring the potential energy difference resulting from the collision between a mass on a free-falling pendulum and the machined V-shaped notch in the sample, resulting in the pendulum breaking through the sample.
  • Both the modern Coat of Arms of Huesca () (which date from the 16th century) and its mediaeval predecessor (from the 13th) include at their top the device of a block having a V-shaped notch.

  • The V-shaped guitar is very similar to his earlier Jackson and ESP Signature models.
  • A chevron (also spelled cheveron, especially in older documents) is a V-shaped mark or symbol, often inverted.
  • The human tongue is divided into anterior and posterior parts by the terminal sulcus which is a V-shaped groove.
  • The single most erosive force over the last few million years has been large alpine glaciers, which have turned the previously V-shaped river-cut valleys into U-shaped glacial-cut canyons (such as Yosemite Valley and Hetch Hetchy Valley).
  • This may be because of the use of an Arabic style V-shaped rook piece, which some may have mistaken for a ship.

  • 5 million in profits and had the following features: a visitors' center which had a theater that showed a thrilling movie about the Olympic Games of 2002 and a "park" which had a dazzling pool and a V-shaped stone wall with the names of all the medalists of the 2002 Olympic Games.
  • They store water both in their stout stems and in their succulent leaves, which typically form kind of tubes or balls, appearing U- or V-shaped in cross-section, often with epidermal windows on the top-side.
  • Piston pairs connect as solid V shaped members, with each end floating in a pair of rotating cylinders clusters.
  • After successfully containing the virus, the New Zealand economy had sharp growth in what is known as a V-shaped recovery and ended the year with an overall economic expansion of 0.4%, better than the predicted 1.7% contraction.
  • to be v-shaped, with one side pointing toward the Lincoln Memorial and the other toward the Washington Monument.

  • Although some sightings describe a V-shaped wake similar to a boat's, others report something not conforming to the shape of a boat.
  • The Mummel River has formed the deep 'V' shaped gorge of the Mummel Gulf, which exceeds [...] in the head of this gorge.
  • In polar areas and at high altitudes, valleys may be eroded by glaciers; these typically have a U-shaped profile in cross-section, in contrast to river valleys, which tend to have a V-shaped profile.
  • At the beginning of the spring thaw, they made V-shaped incisions in tree trunks; they then inserted reeds or concave pieces of bark to run the sap into clay buckets or tightly woven birch-bark baskets.
  • Examples of U-shaped valleys are those of the Chéticamp, Grande Anse, and Clyburn River valleys.

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