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NOUN   V2 | -
extrastriate area <V2-V5> [Area extrastriata]
sekundäre und tertiäre visuelle Rinde {f} <V2-V5>
extrastriate area <V2-V5> [Area extrastriata]
Area extrastriata {f} <V2-V5>
parastriate area <V2> [visual area 2, secondary visual cortex]
Area parastriata {f}
secondary visual cortex <SVC, V2>
sekundärer visueller Cortex {m} <V2>
secondary visual cortex <SVC, V2>
sekundäre Sehrinde {f} <V2> [sekundärer visueller Cortex]
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  • Area extrastriata {f} <V2-V5> = extrastriate area <V2-V5> [Area extrastriata]
  • sekundäre Sehrinde {f} <V2> [sekundärer visueller Cortex] = secondary visual cortex <SVC, V2>
  • sekundärer visueller Cortex {m} <V2> = secondary visual cortex <SVC, V2>
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  • In India, another variation of the YZF-R15 v2.0 was also introduced, named YZF-R15S.
  • A development of the Nano v2 (2013) released in 2017.
  • Gobe Productive v1.0 for BeOS was released in August 1998, v2.0 in August 1999, and v2.0.1 on 29 February 2000.
  • The Rosetta Stone v2.1 through v2.2.x are only compatible with v6.x language courses.
  • "Universal Combat Collectors' Edition v2.0" is an updated version "Collectors' Edition", that uses game engine from Galactic Command: Echo Squad Second Edition.

  • The same is true with HE-AAC v2 (a.k.a. eAAC+), only the normal LC component of the file will be played.
  • Note that CeCILL v1 already allowed replacing a CeCILL v1 license by CeCILL v2, so all software previously licensed with CeCILL v1 in 2004 can be licensed with CeCILL v2, with legal terms enforceable as authentic not only in French but in English too.
  • To infer the directed graph vertex version, it suffices to split each vertex "v" into two vertices "v1", "v2", with all ingoing edges going to "v1", all outgoing edges going from "v2", and an additional edge from "v1" to "v2".
  • Aside from different games, The Tamagotchi Connection v3 makes few changes in comparison to the v2 Like the v2, the older the Tamagotchi gets, the more games it has access to, and there are still 6 stages of life.
  • Examples in (4a)-(4b) below show that the ergative case licensing property of the light v2 is nevertheless critical, as intransitive (usually unaccusative) v2’s never allow ergative subjects, regardless of the ergative case licensing properties of the V1.

  • For Microsoft platforms, Windows XP Service Pack 2 and SP3 releases work natively with Bluetooth v1.1, v2.0 and v2.0+EDR. Windows 7 works with Bluetooth v2.1+EDR and Extended Inquiry Response (EIR).
  • It also supports GPRS, WAP v2.0, WEB. It also supports High Speed Data technology.
  • PMView 2000 (aka PMView v2.00) was released in early 2000 for both Windows and OS/2. The last version of PMView 2000 is v2.32.
  • In February 2013, TheFormTool PRO v2.4 was distributed to owners of TheFormTool PRO as a free update. TheFormTool PRO v2.4 is more than six times as fast as previous versions.
  • OS is Android v2.1 (upgradable to v2.2 since 2011 ).

  • The RoCE v2 protocol exists on top of either the UDP/IPv4 or the UDP/IPv6 protocol.
  • 0, the library was made available under both the GPL v2 and Apache License v2.0.
  • In 2008, Java CAPS 6 was launched including NetBeans 6.1, GlassFish v2, and OpenESB v2.
  • ID3v2.2 was the first public version of ID3v2. It used three character frame identifiers rather than four ("TT2" for the title instead of "TIT2").
  • ... Further, in October 2022, SpaceX redefined some early v2.0s so there are 3 different busses of v2.0s:), 800 kg mass and measuring [...] by [...] with a total array of [...].

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