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V8 engine
Achtzylinder-V-Motor {m}
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Übersetzung für 'V8' von Englisch nach Deutsch

V8 engine
Achtzylinder-V-Motor {m}automot.tech.
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  • In 2015, Userful released v8 of the Userful Network Video Wall to improve performance.
  • McIntyre wrapped up his competition in the NZV8s with a final championship title in 2011 (http://www.v8.co.nz/news-3900/mcintyre-takes-2011-title-in-nz-v8-champs) before moving to the then-new V8SuperTourers.
  • The latest version of Ignition, Ignition v8.0, was released in spring 2019.
  • 9L Cleveland V8. An upgraded engine package, the GT Power Pack, used the larger 5.8L Cleveland v8.
  • Creator of Jimm is Manuel Linsmayer. In 2003 he released a client Mobicq. The client allows to view a list of contacts and exchange messages on a protocol OSCAR (ICQ v8).

  • A third-tier competition, not directly associated with V8 Supercar, the V8 Touring Car National Series sprang up in 2008 for deregistered cars from both v8 Supercar series.
  • The JEM505 has Ibanez v7, s1, v8 pick ups.
  • In September 2008, map upgrade v8.10 was released for x20 series models, extending the IQ Routes feature to those devices with a free software update using TomTom Home.
  • Although the versioning scheme x.1 and x.5 would usually indicate a minor release in the software industry, WebSphere v6.1 and v5.1 are major releases, just like WebSphere v8.5 and v3.5.
  • For the 1975 model year, the 472ci v8 was replaced by the 500ci v8 previously only available on the Eldorado.

  • 9front (a Plan 9 fork) contains a Blit emulator that runs its original firmware, which can be used with mux (available in recently released Research Unix v8).
  • In early and mid-February 2022, Notepad++ released a version codenamed "Boycott Beijing 2022" (v8.3) and (v8.3.1).
  • The package of v8.0 is simply labeled 'Norton Utilities 8.0', but it was called Norton Utilities for Macintosh 8.0 in support pages.
  • 7L power tech v8 (1999+) and to the 5.7L "Hemi" V8 in pickup trucks (2003+).
  • Exchange Server 2007 (v8, code name E12, or with SP1 v8.1) runs only on x64 versions of Windows Server.

  • Versions of PCem from v0.5 until v8 have been removed from the official webpage, due to the use of the MAME OPL2/OPL3 emulation code from when it was not yet licensed under a GPL-compatible license.
  • XtratuM is a bare-metal hypervisor specially designed for embedded real-time systems available for the instruction sets LEON2/3/4 (SPARC v8), ARM v7 and V8 processors (TMS570, R5, A9, A52, A53) and RISC V processor.
  • Additionally, Sendmail v8.12 [...] introduced support for milters - external mail filtering programs that can participate in each step of the SMTP conversation.
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