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Vatican <.va>
Vatikan {m}
Virginia <VA>
Virginien {n} [veraltet]
Virginia <VA> [The Old Dominion, Mother of Presidents]
Virginia {n} [US-Bundesstaat]
2 Wörter
VA issues [coll.] [Am.] [short for: Veterans Affairs issues]
[US-Kriegsveteranen betreffende Angelegenheiten]
Vatican City <.va>
Vatikanstadt {f}
Vatican City <.va>
Staat {m} Vatikanstadt
vertebral artery <VA> [Arteria vertebralis]
Wirbelarterie {f}
vertebral artery <VA> [Arteria vertebralis]
Vertebralarterie {f} <VA>
vibration analysis <VA>
Vibrationsanalyse {f}
visual acuity <VA>
Sehstärke {f}
visual acuity <VA>
Visus {m} <V> [Sehschärfe]
volt-ampere <VA>
Voltampere {n} <VA>
Vorarlbergian (Alemannic) <VA>
Vorarlbergerisch {n} [Dialekt] [auch: Vorarlbergisch]
3 Wörter
venous-arterial ECMO <VA-ECMO>
venös-arterielle ECMO {f} <VA-ECMO>
ventriculo-atrial shunt <VA shunt>
Pudenz-Operation {f}
ventriculo-atrial shunt <VA shunt>
ventrikuloatriale Drainage {f} [Pudenz-Operation]
virtual analog synthesizer <VA synthesizer>
virtuell-analoger Synthesizer {m} <VA-Synthesizer>
4 Wörter
Department of Veterans Affairs <VA, DVA>
[US-Ministerium für Veteranenangelegenheiten]
5+ Wörter
Royal Order of Victoria and Albert <VA>
Royal Order of Victoria and Albert {m}
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  • Varianzanalyse {f} <VA> = analysis of variance <ANOVA>
  • Verbindungsausschuss {m} <VA> = liaison committee <LC>
  • Vertebralarterie {f} <VA> = vertebral artery <VA> [Arteria vertebralis]
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  • Arlington Boulevard has interchanges with VA 120 (Glebe Road) in Arlington County and VA 7 (Leesburg Pike)/VA 338 (Hillwood Avenue)/SR 613 (Wilson Boulevard) at Seven Corners and I-495 (Capital Beltway) in Fairfax County.
  • Similar to va’ekue, when the relative clause va’e combines with -rã, the morpheme suffix va’erã is formed.
  • The first VA-125 was established in 1946 as Naval Reserve Squadron VA-923.
  • The .va top-level domain was created in 1995 by Archbishop John Patrick Foley of the Pontifical Council for Social Communications. The website Vatican.va went live on Christmas day 1995.
  • "Va Va Voom" was produced by Dare Mason and David Gedge.

  • 9 million in 2020, the VA has worked to integrate quality women's medical services into the VA system.
  • Intelsat VA F-11, then named Intelsat 511, was a communications satellite operated by Intelsat.
  • The Rabbinical Assembly of Israel (the Israeli arm of the RA) has its own decision making body, the "Va'ad Halacha".
  • In July, 2011, the VA Innovation Initiative (VAi2) sponsored the Blue Button for All Americans Contest to encourage widespread use and assure that all Veterans had access to their Blue Button health data regardless of whether they sought care from VA or from a private non-VA health care provider.
  • Haitian Creole, based on a French superstrate, interchangeably uses "pral" or "va" (from French 3rd person singular "va" "goes") pre-verbally to indicate the future: "Mwen va fini" lit.

  • Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) confusingly still uses an array of both old and new terminology for "Gulf War illness".
  • The term “"va-nu-pied"” appeared in 1639 in the work "Histoire des Secretaires d’État" (History of State Secretaries) by Antoine Fauvelet du Toc under the spelling “"Va nuds pieds"” and, from 1646, in the columns of the journal "Mercure François" under the name “"Jean va Nuds-pieds"” (“John walks Barefooted”).
  • "Nir" means "not"; "va" means "to extinguish". Nirvana means "non- extinction".
  • The International Va'a Federation (IVF) oversees va'a racing worldwide, including the IVF World Championships [...] and at the Pacific Games.
  • The personal or possessive pronoun "her" (only the feminine is attested) is "va" (Nom. va, ουα; Acc. ουαν, οαν; Gen. vay).

  • During 1995, a reorganization of the entire agency occurred to refocus and address a variety of veteran’s healthcare needs.
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