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vertebrobasilar insufficiency <VBI>
vertebrobasiläre Insuffizienz {f} <VBI>
vertical blanking interval <VBI>
Austastlücke {f}
vertical blanking interval <VBI>
Bildaustastlücke {f}
vertical blanking interval <VBI>
vertikale Austastlücke {f}
vertical blanking interval <VBI>
Vertikalaustastlücke {f} [auch: Vertikal-Austastlücke]
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  • vertebrobasiläre Insuffizienz {f} <VBI> = vertebrobasilar insufficiency <VBI>
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  • VBI is fabricated by the National Solar Observatory.
  • A vertical blank interrupt (or VBI) is a hardware feature found in some legacy computer systems that generate a video signal.
  • The main treatment for VBI is to address risk factors for atherosclerosis such as smoking, hypertension and diabetes.
  • The data for Intercast was embedded in the Vertical Blanking Interval (VBI) of the video signal carrying the Intercast-enabled program, at a maximum of 10.5 Kilobytes/sec in 10 of the 45 lines of the VBI.
  • The signal itself can be easily stripped by normalizing the VBI, e.g.

  • The broadcaster constantly sends out pages in sequence in one of two modes: Serial mode broadcasts every page sequentially whilst parallel mode divides VBI lines amongst the magazines, enabling one page from each magazine to be broadcast simultaneously.
  • The overscan and VBI are used for analog TV, for moderate and low bandwidths (including closed captioning in the VBI) respectively.
  • N VBI-2902 is a COVID-19 vaccine candidate developed by Variation Biotechnologies from the United States.
  • The address is also updated by the Operating System's Vertical Blank Interrupt (VBI) routine using the values from Operation System shadow registers SDLSTL/SDLSTH ($0230-$0231hex/560-561dec).
  • At this point, the physician assesses for vertebrobasilar insufficiency (VBI) symptoms.

  • He also wrote and directed the virtual reality experience VBI: Lost Connection, produced by AnotheReality in collaboration with IBM.
  • The OS reads the Pot values during its Vertical Blank Interrupt (VBI) and copies the result to the potentiometer Shadow registers in RAM.
  • RRI is a long-standing member of the German Association of Consulting Engineers VBI.
  • The Virginia Bioinformatics Institute (VBI) at Virginia Tech has a research platform centered on understanding the "disease triangle" of host-pathogen-environment interactions in plants, humans and other animals.
  • In 1976 the Variety Box Office Index (VBI) was launched where each month's actual key city box office tally, after seasonal adjustment, was simultaneously expressed as an index number, with 1970 as a whole being used as the base initially.

  • In 2016, VBI Vaccines commenced a Phase I preventative cytomegalovirus vaccine study (VBI-1501).
  • Video modeling is a form of video-based intervention (VBI); other forms include video prompting, computer-based video instruction, and video priming.
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