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voxel-based morphometry <VBM>
voxelbasierte Morphometrie {f} <VBM>
voxel-based morphometry <VBM>
Voxel-basierte Morphometrie {f} <VBM>
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  • voxelbasierte Morphometrie {f} <VBM> = voxel-based morphometry <VBM>
  • Voxel-basierte Morphometrie {f} <VBM> = voxel-based morphometry <VBM>
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  • VBM-SGAU successfully accomplished a three-peat.
  • L.E.K. merged with Alcar Consulting Group in 1993. Founded in 1979, Alcar pioneered value-based management (VBM) principles that maximized result impact for clients.
  • In June 1998 supporters of expanding VBM to primary and general elections used the initiative to put the issue on the November general election ballot as Measure 60.
  • Another famous VBM paper was a study on the effect of age on gray and white matter and CSF of 465 normal adults.
  • Seed-based d mapping (formerly signed differential mapping, SDM) is a statistical technique for meta-analyzing studies on differences in brain activity or structure which used neuroimaging techniques such as fMRI, VBM or PET.

  • In one prominent study, neurolinguists used a voxel-based morphometry (VBM) method to visualize the structural plasticity of brains in healthy monolinguals and bilinguals.
  • The laryngeal tube was developed in Germany and introduced to the European market by VBM Medizintechnik in the autumn of 1999.
  • It has been suggested that a VBM will grind at 20 to 30 times the rate of a rotary ball mill, reflecting that a VBM's mechanism is especially rapacious.
  • From 1995 he raced the VBM 400 GTC (VBM stood for "Vehicles Bornhauser-Metz", started by Bornhauser and fellow driver Jean-François Metz), in BPR Global GT Series races in 1995–96 and then in French GT until 2001.
  • In visual backward masking (VBM) a briefly presented target is followed by a mask, which decreases performance on the target.

  • Moreover, Voxel-based Lesion Symptom Mapping (VLSM) and Voxel-Based Morphometry (VBM) techniques contributed to the understanding that specific brain regions have different roles when supporting speech processing.
  • Other consulting firms including McKinsey and BCG developed VBM approaches.
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