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Vietcong <VC>
Vietcong {m}
2 Wörter
capture velocity <vc, Vc>
Einfanggeschwindigkeit {f}
vanadium carbide <VC>
Vanadiumcarbid {n} <VC>
venture capital <VC>
Risikokapital {n}
venture capital <VC>
Wagniskapital {n}
venture capital <VC>
Beteiligungs­kapital {n}
venture capitalist <VC>Risikokapitalgeber {m}
vice consul <VC>Vizekonsul {m}
Victoria Cross <VC>
Viktoriakreuz {n} [höchste britische Tapferkeitsauszeichnung]
viral clearance <VC>
virale Clearance {f}
virtual coloscopy <VC>
virtuelle Koloskopie {f} <VK>
virus clearance <VC>
Virus-Clearance {f}
visual cortex <VC>
visueller Cortex {m} <VC>
vital capacity <VC>Vitalkapazität {f} <VK>
voltage controller <VC>
Spannungs­regler {m}
volume compression <VC>
Dynamikkompression {f}
volume compression <VC>
Volumenkompression {f}
4 Wörter
central volume of distribution <Vc, VC> [pharmacokinetics]
zentrales Verteilungs­volumen {n} <Vc, VC> [Pharmakokinetik]
5+ Wörter
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines <.vc>
St. Vincent / Grenadinen {pl}
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines <.vc>
St. Vincent und die Grenadinen {pl}
20 Übersetzungen
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  • Vanadiumcarbid {n} <VC> = vanadium carbide <VC>
  • Venturecapital {n} <VC> [auch: Venture-Capital] = risk capital <RC>
  • Viszeralchirurgie {f} <VC> = visceral surgery
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Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • Recent years have seen a revival of the Nordic venture scene with more than €3 billion raised by VC funds in the Nordic region over the last five years.
  • WOT Services is no longer a portfolio company of Widenius's venture capital firm, OpenOcean.vc.
  • Celebrating the 100th birthday of La Valse in 2020 (its première in Paris took place in 1920), Belgian composer Tim Mulleman wrote a transcription for Philippe Graffin and Friends for string nonet (4 vn, 2 va, 2 vc, 1 cb).
  • .vc is the Internet country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.
  • Alewo Johnson Akubo, a professor of Sociology took over as the new vc.

  • The program was previously known as vc. sc is already present in the default repositories of popular Linux distributions such as Ubuntu, Fedora, and Arch Linux.
  • George led first of its kind research on the investment performance of women venture capitalists in the US through a think tank Women.vc, founded in 2014.
  • The data is usually arranged on a semilog plot of the effective stress (frequently represented as σ'vc) versus the void ratio.
  • Concerto for piano (cembalo), fl., ob., cl., vn. and vc.
  • The relics of the ancient morphological segments preserved in the modern varieties, in the Libyan inscriptions and in the ancient toponymical strata show that the basis of word formation is a monosyllabic lexical unit (vc, cvc) whose vowels and consonants are part of the root.

  • Svilaj is a settlement in the Croatian municipality of Oprisavci (Brod-Posavina County).
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