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vectorcardiography <VCG>
Vektorkardiographie {f} <VKG>
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Übersetzung für 'VCG' von Englisch nach Deutsch

vectorcardiography <VCG>
Vektorkardiographie {f} <VKG>med.
  • Venture-Capital-Gesellschaft {f} <VCG> = venture capital company <VCC>
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  • There are many strains of "Verticillium dahliae" which are categorized into vegetative compatibility groups (VCG).
  • In 2020 there was signed an export deal between Japan and Vietnam over 6 vessel for the Vietnam Coast Guard (VCG), locally designated as the "TT-1500 patrol ship"."
  • financial markets and listed on NASDAQ: VCG Holding Corp.
  • Typical examples of SP mechanisms are majority voting between two alternatives, second-price auction, and any VCG mechanism.
  • A different class of cost-sharing mechanisms are the VCG mechanisms.

  • Since 2006, VCG has been the exclusive distributor of Getty Images' library in China.
  • The VCG mechanism is one of the only mechanisms that works for such general valuations.
  • Another example is comparing a minimized cost from the Vickrey–Clarke–Groves auction (VCG-auction) to a minimized path from first passage percolation to gauge how pessimistic the VCG-auction is at its lower limit.
  • Vickrey–Clarke–Groves auction (VCG) is a truthful auction optimizing social welfare.
  • For rapid prototyping and debugging, an interactive shell and a (VCG-)graph viewer are included in the package.

  • Vietnam Coast Guard (VCG; [...]) is the coast guard of Vietnam.
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