Übersetzung für 'VFO' von Englisch nach Deutsch
variable frequency oscillator <VFO>
Oszillator {m} mit veränderbarer Frequenz
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Übersetzung für 'VFO' von Englisch nach Deutsch

variable frequency oscillator <VFO>
Oszillator {m} mit veränderbarer Frequenzelectr.
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  • The stadium was designed by multinational architecture firm Populous along with the Mexican firm VFO. The owners soon added more seats, expanding the capacity to 53,500 in 2016.
  • An Amateur Radio KW "Vanguard" transmitter was modified by John Rabson to operate at 998 kHz, using a crystal-controlled exciter made by Robin Gape to replace the original Geloso VFO.
  • It had ten autotuned VFO tuned channels that could be preset.
  • Superheterodyne receivers use a VFO (variable-frequency oscillator), mixer, and filter to tune the desired signal to a common IF (intermediate frequency) or baseband.
  • The editions, printed and published by Edition VFO are selected by a jury.

  • A VFO for the AT-1, the model VF-1, came out the following year.
  • Designed by VFO Arquitectos, it is the center piece of the VAO complex.
  • The "Sub" VFO is limited to frequencies around the 50, 144, and 440 amateur bands, while the "Main" VFO has a much broader frequency coverage.
  • Ideally, for the same control input to the VFO, the oscillator should generate exactly the same frequency.
  • The All-Russian Fascist Organization (VFO) (Всероссийская фашистская организация; Vserossiyskaya Fašistskija Organizatsiya") was a Russian white émigré group led by Anastasy Vonsyatsky.

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