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virtual file system <VFS>
virtuelles Dateisystem {n}
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Übersetzung für 'VFS' von Englisch nach Deutsch

virtual file system <VFS>
virtuelles Dateisystem {n}comp.
  • Verein {m} für Socialpolitik <VfS> = German Economic Association <GEA>
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  • To support Java, IBM 4690 OS Version 2 added support for long filenames by means of a virtual filesystem (VFS) architecture and it introduced FAT32 volumes.
  • Project Horizon, the Lodi Sequentials, VFS Arizona and several other yearly invitational skydiving events are centered on pushing the boundaries of VFS.
  • A variable force solenoid (VFS) is an electro-hydraulic device that controls pressure proportionally or inversely proportionally to a signal (voltage or current) obtained from the on-board controller of a powertrain.
  • Visa applicants submit their applications to the Nigeria Visa Application Centre operated by Thebez Global Resources Ltd (VFS partner) at Gartenstrasse 6, 60594 Frankfurt am Main or online.
  • Volvo Financial Services (VFS), established in 2001, offers financial services and solutions for Volvo Group's brands.

  • Ring Suzune (codenamed "VFS-01R") and Hibiki Lui (codenamed "VFS-01L") were a female and male vocaloid pair that were originally announced for the Vocaloid 3 software.
  • Some of the more advanced Reiser4 features (such as user-defined transactions) are also not available because of a lack of a VFS API for them.
  • The VFS team are sponsored by Target Skysports, a dropzone located at the Lincolnshire village of Hibaldstow.
  • A virtual file system (VFS) or virtual filesystem switch is an abstract layer on top of a more concrete file system.
  • BFS was the first non-S5 [...] (System V) Filesystem written using VFS (Virtual Filesystem) for AT&T UNIX.

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