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VHF radio
UKW-Radio {n}
VHF-radio (set)
UKW-Funkgerät {n}
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Übersetzung für 'VHF-radio' von Englisch nach Deutsch

VHF radio
UKW-Radio {n}RadioTV

VHF-radio (set)
UKW-Funkgerät {n}hist.mil.RadioTV
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  • In Greenland, VHF radio-telephone is also used. Users make calls over a radio instead of a phone.
  • RT-841 is the base component VHF radio transceiver used by the United States military in manpack and vehicular radio configurations, including the AN/PRC-77 (manpack), AN/VRC-64 (vehicular) and the AN/GRC-160 (vehicular with manpack accessories).
  • FM is commonly used at VHF radio frequencies for high-fidelity broadcasts of music and speech.
  • The broadcasting tower on the Fuchsberg is used for the programmes of Norddeutscher Rundfunk and Danmarks Radio while the countrywide VHF radio programmes of R.SH, delta radio, Deutschlandfunk and Deutschlandradio are aired from the Flensburg-Freienwill tower.
  • Australia also permits the use of marine VHF radio.

  • Most such satellites operate as spaceborne repeaters, and are generally accessed by amateurs equipped with UHF or VHF radio equipment and highly directional antennas such as Yagis or dish antennas.
  • The buoy relays acoustic information from its hydrophone(s) via UHF/VHF radio to operators on board the aircraft.
  • Moreover, WDR also runs a transmission facility for VHF radio and television (once also medium wave) at the Giersberg.
  • At first the hydrophone signals were transmitted to the Lab by VHF radio, then by wireless microwave network.
  • The system enables internal telephone communications between "Zvezda", "Zarya", "Pirs", "Poisk" and the USOS, and also provides a VHF radio link to ground control centres via antennas on "Zvezda"s exterior.

  • The investigation observed that it was possible for some of the avionics systems to interfere with the Chinook's VHF radio, potentially disrupting communications.
  • The opportunity was also taken to install IFF equipment and VHF radio-telephone outfits.
  • The Donauturm spire carries antennas of cellular phone networks, private VHF radio stations and several other radio communication services.
  • Additional criteria given in the requirement included a minimum flight endurance of two hours, a takeoff distance of 1,500 yards, structural strength to support up to 4g manoeuvres at high speed and for the aircraft to incorporate airborne interception radar, multi-channel VHF radio and various navigational aids.
  • In the United States, any person can legally purchase a Marine VHF radio and use it to communicate without requiring any special license as long as they abide by certain rules, but in a great many other countries a license is required to transmit on Marine VHF frequencies.

  • Communication between normal vessels and HM Coastguard/Maritime Rescue Co-ordination Centres can take place over VHF radio, MF radio and telephone (Satellite, Landline and Mobile).
  • The United States' NWS, Canada's Weatheradio, Mexico's SARMEX and Bermuda operate their government weather radio stations on the same marine VHF radio band, using FM transmitters, and the same seven frequencies (162.400 – 162.550 MHz) as NOAA Weather Radio (NWR).
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