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Lovers <VI> [also: lovers] [Tarot card]
Liebende {pl} <VI> [Tarotkarte]
Twins <VI> [also: twins] [less frequent than: Lovers] [Tarot card]
Liebende {pl} <VI> [Tarotkarte]
2 Wörter
abducens (nerve) <CN VI, CNVI, VI> [Nervus abducens] [sixth cranial nerve]
Nervus abducens {m} <VI>
abducent nerve <CN VI, CNVI, VI> [Nervus abducens] [less common for abducens nerve]
Nervus abducens {m} <VI>
andorite VI [AgPbSb3S6]
Andorit VI {m} [Senandorit]
intransitive verb <vi>
intransitives Verb {n} <vi>
Philip VI
Philipp VI. {m}
tungs­ten(VI) oxide [WO3]
Wolfram(VI)-oxid {n}
Virgin Islands <.vi> [U.S.]
US-Jungferninseln {pl}
3 Wörter
cranial nerve VI <CN VI, CNVI> [Nervus abducens] [sixth cranial nerve]
sechster Hirnnerv {m} <VI. Hirnnerv>
Pope Adrian VI
Papst {m} Hadrian VI.
Pope Paul VI
Papst {m} Paul VI.
Fiktion (Literatur und Film)
Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives [Tom McLoughlin]
Freitag der 13. Teil VI – Jason lebt
Howling VI: The Freaks [Hope Perello]
Final Attack
King Henry VI [William Shakespeare]
Heinrich VI.
Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country
Star Trek VI: Das unentdeckte Land
Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi [Richard Marquand]
Star Wars: Episode VI – Die Rückkehr der Jedi-Ritter
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  • Liebende {pl} <VI> [Tarotkarte] = Lovers <VI> [also: lovers] [Tarot card]
  • Liebende {pl} <VI> [Tarotkarte] = Twins <VI> [also: twins] [less frequent than: Lovers] [Tarot card]
  • Andorit VI {m} [Senandorit] = andorite VI [AgPbSb3S6]
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Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • Jones created a Na'vi sign language for "Avatar: The Way of Water," in which he plays a Na'vi.
  • Using the Barton/Hall method of combining "1 Henry VI" with the first half of "2 Henry VI", and the second half of "2 Henry VI" with "3 Henry VI", the plays were renamed "Henry VI: Revenge in France" and "Henry VI: Revolt in England".
  • Raymond Glath of Phoenix, AZ, was the developer and owner of the Vi-Spy product which continued production until mid-release of Windows 95.
  • Although his first name has been commonly mispronounced as vi-SAWN-tee (...) or vi-SAWN-tae (...) he has clarified that the correct pronunciation is vi-SAWNTH (...).
  • On Unix systems, GNU Emacs's popularity rivaled that of another editor vi, spawning an editor war.

  • Hence some speakers say "le vi" ("I saw him") for any masculine person, "la vi" ("I saw her/it") for any feminine noun, and "lo vi" ("I saw it") to refer to an inanimate masculine noun (e.g.
  • Third level registrations are available in .co.vi, .org.vi, .com.vi, .net.vi, and .k12.vi.
  • Historically, vile's documentation has focused on differences from vi.
  • Kolathur comes under the zone VI (six) of Chennai Corporation viz. Thiru. Vi. Ka Nagar Zone.
  • Vi er på vei, vi kanke snu and DumDum Boys "Ti Liv". In addition, he produced the self-titled debut album of the country rock band The South.

  • Cr(VI)-free coatings are more environmentally friendly than surfaces with a Cr(VI) content. No zinc flake coatings used in the automotive industry nowadays contain this substance.
  • Intelsat 604, previously named Intelsat VI F-4, was a communications satellite operated by Intelsat.
  • II-VI Marlow is a division of II-VI Incorporated. Based in Dallas, Texas, II-VI Marlow designs and manufactures thermoelectric modules and systems.
  • Pisces VI was purchased out of storage from International Underwater Contractors in 2015.
  • "N0iz Star" (typeset often as n0iZ stAr) is the first full-length album by Sug, released May 14, 2008. It includes 11 tracks, a DVD with the music video for "Vi-Vi-Vi" and a forty-page booklet.

  • Chromium may enter water systems via industrial discharge.
  • Vị Xuyên is a township (...) and capital of Vị Xuyên District, Hà Giang Province, Vietnam.
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