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Ventôse [sixth month in the French Revolutionary Calendar]
Ventose {m} [sechster Monat im franz. Revolutionskalender]
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  • Ventose {m} [sechster Monat im franz. Revolutionskalender] = Ventôse [sixth month in the French Revolutionary Calendar]
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  • At the French Revolution, the Constituent Assembly having suppressed the monastic orders, on 17 March 1795 (27 Ventose Year III) an order of the management board put the library of the Commune at the disposal of the National Institute of Sciences and Arts, who plundered the bottom (20-30 000 books).
  • On May 3, 2019, High Court Judge Eddy Ventose ruled that Rastafarians and other adults over the age of 18 can use, possess, and cultivate cannabis in private and that the government has 90 days to change the cannabis laws in the country.
  • Pluviôse was the second month of the winter quarter ("mois d'hiver"), starting between the 20th and 22 January, and ending between the 18th and 20 February. It follows the Nivôse and precedes the Ventôse.
  • He took part in the Cisalpine Republic's foundation and became president of its first-ever executive Directory from 29 June 1797. He left that post on 20 November the same year to become the Republic's ambassador to Paris. Seven days after Napoleon's seizure of power on 9 November 1799 in the Coup of 18 Brumaire, Serbelloni wrote to Vertemate Franchi, president of the Directory of the Cisalpine Republic "Bonaparte is consul and in him I hope for the greatest good for our Republic. I know that we will have our independence "de facto", independence which was lost on my departure from Italy and which was oppressed in different ways and at different times by so-called French patriots who proposed different measures, always to the benefit of their own purses, from the month of ventôse in Year VI right up to the present-day". On 3 frimaire in Year VIII (24 November 1799) Franchi (who had fled to Chambéry) ordered Serbelloni to congratulate the Consuls of France.
  • Simon was born on 19 ventôse of the Vth year (8 March 1797) in Metz, (Moselle). The certificate was presented to him on 8 September of the year by State Councillor Auguste Stourm, General Director of the Swiss Post.

  • After the continental peace seemed assured, on 13 Ventôse Year IX (4 March 1801) the first consul (Napoleon) ordered another exposition for the 5 last days of year IX (1801).
  • In 1795 he was elected in the Council of Ancients. In 1796 he published a rapport on the Corsican refugees, and on Palais Bourbon. He died on 20 Ventôse.
  • These jurisdictions were created under the name of "tribunal d'appel" (appeal tribunal) by the "loi du 27 ventôse an VIII" (law of March 18, 1800), which put an end to the "appel circulaire" which had been put in place in 1790.
  • Lubize, real name Pierre-Michel Martin or Martin-Lubize (21 February 1798 (3 ventôse an VI) – 28 January 1863 ) was a 19th-century French playwright and librettist.
  • The fortress at Kehl fell on 9 January 1797, and the fortress at Hüningen a month later. On 19 February 1797 ("1 ventôse an V"), Chambarlhac assumed charge of the fortifications at Landau. He left 29 August 1800 to supervise the refortification of Mainz. The government charged him in 1801 with the demolition of fortifications at Kastel, Ehrenbreitstein and Düsseldorf. On 11 December 1803 ("19 frimaire an XII"), he received a founding patent of the Legion of Honor.

  • Opponents of the Jacobins saw the Ventôse Decrees as a cynical ploy to appeal to the militant extreme left.
  • "Ventôse" is a [...] (...) of the French Navy. The frigate is the fourth ship of its class, and the first French vessel named after Ventôse, the fifth month of the Republican Calendar. The ship was constructed by Chantiers de l'Atlantique at Saint-Nazaire, France, in 1991–1992 and entered service in 1993. "Ventôse" is stationed in the French Caribbean Sea territories for patrol duties.
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