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NOUN   vitamin B1 | -
SYNO aneurin | antiberiberi factor | thiamin | ...
vitamin B1 [thiamine]
Vitamin {n} B1
Vitamin {n}
Komplettin {n} [veraltet] [Vitamin]
vitamin B2
Wachstumsvitamin {n} [ugs.] [Vitamin B2]
vitamin supplement
Vitaminergänzung {f}
vitamin A1
Vitamin {n} A1
vitamin level
Vitaminspiegel {m}
vitamin tablets
Vitamintabletten {pl}
vitamin preparation
Vitaminpräparat {n}
vitamin product
Vitaminpräparat {n}
vitamin D
Vitamin {n} D
vitamin capsule
Vitaminkapsel {f}
vitamin tablet
Vitamintablette {f}
vitamin-deprived {adj}
an Vitaminmangel leidend [attr.]
vitamin content
Vitamingehalt {m}
vitamin metabolism
Vitaminstoffwechsel {m}
vitamin-enriched {adj}mit Vitaminen angereichert
vitamin balance
Vitaminhaushalt {m}
vitamin E
Vitamin {n} E
vitamin K
Vitamin {n} K
vitamin pill
Vitaminpille {f} [ugs.]
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  • Vitamin {n} B1 = vitamin B1 [thiamine]
  • Vitamin {n} = vitamine [spv.]
  • Vitamin {n} = vitamin
  • Vitamin {n} B6 = vitamin B6 [pyridoxine, pyridoxal, pyridoxamine]
  • Vitamin {n} B7 = vitamin B7 [biotin]
  • Vitamin {n} D = vitamin D
  • Vitamin {n} D3 = vitamin D3 [cholecalciferol]
  • Vitamin {n} A1 = vitamin A1
  • Vitamin {n} B12 = vitamin B12 [cobalamin]
  • Vitamin {n} B9 = vitamin B9 [C19H19N7O6] [folic acid]
  • Vitamin {n} B2 = vitamin B2 [riboflavin]
  • Vitamin {n} B3 = vitamin B3 [niacin]
  • Vitamin {n} B5 = vitamin B5 [pantothenic acid]
  • Vitamin {n} D2 = vitamin D2 [ergocalciferol]
  • Vitamin {n} C = vitamin C [ascorbic acid] [C6H8O6]
  • Vitamin {n} K = vitamin K
  • Vitamin {n} B12 = cobalamin
  • Vitamin {n} H = vitamin H [vitamin B7, biotin]
  • Vitamin {n} B = good connections {pl}
  • Vitamin {n} E = vitamin E
  • Vitamin {n} M [selten] = vitamin M [C19H19N7O6] [folic acid]
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  • Synthetic thiamin (vitamin B1) first became available after 1936 and bakers began voluntarily enriching bread with high-vitamin yeast or synthetic vitamins in the late 1930s.
  • The toxicity appears to be due to thiaminase, which can cause thiamin (vitamin B1) deficiency.
  • In pigs and horses, bracken poisoning induces vitamin B1 deficiency.
  • Cerebellar atrophy can result from an acute deficiency of vitamin B1 (thiamine) as seen in beriberi and in Wernicke–Korsakoff syndrome, or vitamin E deficiency.
  • After the scientist Fritz Lux from Weihenstephan managed to retrieve vitamin B1 from yeast cells in 1920, Ferdinand Glaab had the idea for a new kind of beer: Malt Beer.

  • A bottle of any of the varieties contains at least 80% of the recommended daily nutritional requirement of thiamine (Vitamin B1), niacin (Vitamin B3), potassium and iodine.
  • Vitamin B1 or thiamine is present at a concentration between 0.2 and 0.5 milligrams per litre.
  • Federweißer contains yeast, lactic acid bacteria, and a large amount of vitamin B1 and B2.
  • His fever reached 104 degrees Fahrenheit and he was given Vitamin B1 injections to combat the radiation disease.
  • Thiamine, also known as thiamin and vitamin B1, is a vitamin, an essential micronutrient, that cannot be made in the body.

  • Initially, pyruvate and thiamine pyrophosphate (TPP or vitamin B1) are bound by pyruvate dehydrogenase subunits.
  • In 1955, he helped elucidate the structure of vitamin B12, although the final formula and definite structure was determined by Dorothy Hodgkin and her team, and later worked on the structure and synthesis of vitamin B1 and vitamin E, the anthocyanins (the pigments of flowers and fruits) from insects (aphids, beetles) and studied alkaloids found in hashish and marijuana.
  • Taking vitamin B1 or magnesium may help. Evidence for yoga, acupuncture and massage is insufficient.
  • Pine nuts contain thiamine (vitamin B1) and protein.
  • It is generally agreed that Wernicke encephalopathy results from severe acute deficiency of thiamine (vitamin B1), whilst Korsakoff's psychosis is a chronic neurologic sequela of Wernicke encephalopathy.

  • Among domestic animals, the White Leghorn chicken is markedly more resistant to vitamin B1 deficiency than other breeds; on a plentiful diet this makes no difference, but on a restricted diet this preadaptation could be decisive.
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