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Voronoi cell
Voronoi-Zelle {f}
Voronoi cell
Voronoi-Region {f}
Voronoi cellsVoronoi-Regionen {pl}
Voronoi cells
Voronoi-Zellen {pl}
Voronoi diagram
Voronoi-Diagramm {n}
Voronoi partitionVoronoi-Zerlegung {f}
Voronoi tesselationVoronoi-Zerlegung {f}
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  • Voronoi-Diagramm {n} = Voronoi diagram
  • Voronoi-Region {f} = Voronoi cell
  • Voronoi-Regionen {pl} = Voronoi cells
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  • The large scale path of the vehicle can be determined by using a voronoi diagram, an occupancy grid mapping, or with a driving corridors algorithm.
  • Weighted sites may be used to control the areas of the Voronoi cells when using Voronoi diagrams to construct treemaps.
  • Didactic applet showing the construction of Voronoi diagrams: Is it possible to reconstruct the centers of the Voronoi cells from the region boundaries?
  • It offers random noise, regular dots or reticulated voronoi patterns or a bitmap image itself as the seed.
  • The method has been compared to the "voronoi mathematical progression".

  • A spatial network can be represented by a Voronoi diagram, which is a way of dividing space into a number of regions.
  • They are directly related to a voronoi diagram, which is essentially an allocation over a space with constant cost.
  • In contrast to regular Voronoi treemap algorithms, which do not provide deterministic layouts, the layout algorithm for Voronoi treemaps can be extended to provides a high degree of layout similarity for varying hierarchies.
  • The triakis truncated tetrahedron is the shape of the Voronoi cell of the carbon atoms in diamond, which lie on the diamond cubic crystal structure.
  • More generally a parallelotope, or "voronoi parallelotope", has parallel and congruent opposite facets.

  • As rectilinear structures are intuitive but lack optimization characteristics as a tessellation especially when tiled to a sphere, other schemes including voronoi regions, peano curves, triangles and hexagonal tilings have been advanced as superior alternatives.
  • In mathematics, a weighted Voronoi diagram in "n" dimensions is a generalization of a Voronoi diagram.
  • This design uses – a voronoi diagram – to create cellular shapes that are visible on key approaches to the arena.
  • The jump flooding algorithm and its variants may be used for calculating Voronoi maps and centroidal Voronoi tessellations (CVT), generating distance fields, [...] point-cloud rendering, feature matching, the computation of power diagrams, and soft shadow rendering.
  • Sugihara's research also includes the study of Voronoi diagrams. With three co-authors, he wrote "Spatial Tessellations: Concepts and Applications of Voronoi Diagrams" (Wiley, 1994; 2nd ed., 2009).

  • The kissing number of the D [...] lattice is 8 and its Voronoi tessellation is a bitruncated cubic honeycomb, [...] , containing all truncated octahedral Voronoi cells, [...].
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