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Wada test [less often also: Wada's test]
Wada-Test {m}
World Anti-Doping Agency <WADA>
Welt-Anti-Doping-Agentur {f} <WADA>
World Anti-Doping Agency <WADA>
Internationale Anti-Doping-Agentur {f} <IADA>
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  • Wada-Test {m} = Wada test [less often also: Wada's test]
  • Welt-Anti-Doping-Agentur {f} <WADA> = World Anti-Doping Agency <WADA>
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  • Gorewada Lake (gore-wada) means “gore” Britishers “wada” spot is an artificial lake made by Britishers is situated on the north-west corner of Nagpur city.
  • The Wada (Palace) featured in this film is the Bavdekar Bungalow aka Bavdekar Wada which was and is owned by then Jahagirdar of Gaganbawada Shri Madhavrao Pandit Pant Amatya Bavdekar and his heirs, its located in Gaganbawada a town situated in the district of Kolhapur in Maharashtra, India.
  • Vada or Wada is one of the eight talukas of the Palghar district in the Konkan division of Maharashtra state in India.
  • A renowned wada in Pune is the last residential palace of the Peshwa called Vishrambaug Wada which is currently being renovated by the city corporation.
  • Ganesh festival of Masur is very famous celebrated at Jagdale Patil wada. Temple of Bhairoba is one of the notable places in Masur.

  • It was believed that Chhindwara District was full of "Chhind" trees (wild date palms) many years ago, and the place was called "Chhind"-"Wada" (wada means place).
  • A recipe for dahi wada (as "kshiravata") is mentioned in "Manasollasa", a 12th-century Sanskrit encyclopedia compiled by Someshvara III, who ruled from present-day Karnataka.
  • In South India, a Tamil household may serve idlis, dosas, or wada's for breakfast, the most popular of which is Idli.
  • For selling the wada, the Naiks and Sushma search for Anna's will, which is taken by Sushma and Sarita.
  • The Japanese segment of the film is a comedic tale of the narrator (Wong Cho Lam) telling the story of Chan Dai Tin (Aaron Yan) and Wada Yoshiko (Naomi Watanabe).

  • Mastani wada was constructed for Mastani who was wife of Bajirao I is located in saswad. Mastani lake is also nearby.
  • The Nana Phadnavis Wada is a large six-quadrangular, perimeter-protected wada.
  • A Gadhi is a small castle-like structure or small fort, also known as a "big wada".
  • Locals of Wai residence helped Afzal Khan & provided their residence in a mansion called Banawdikar Wada.
  • Wadas are a rich and esteem architectural heritage in Maharashtra known for its quadrangle construction and an open space veranda in the center, reflecting the pride, religion, culture, traditions and turbulent history of Marathas.

  • "Garhis" were fortified wadas with bastions and ramparts in the village's focus.
  • Asnoti has few areas (Wadas) within a range of 3 km.
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