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SYNO web | World Wide Web | WWW
WWW browser
WWW-Browser {m}
World Wide Web <WWW>
weltweites Netz {n}
World Wide Web <WWW>
World Wide Web {n} <WWW>
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Übersetzung für 'WWW' von Englisch nach Deutsch

WWW browser
WWW-Browser {m}Internet

World Wide Web <WWW>
weltweites Netz {n}Internet

World Wide Web {n} <WWW>Internet
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  • Håvard Homstvedt is represented by Galleri Riis, Oslo and Stockholm www.galleririis.com and Anne de Villepoix, Paris www.annedevillepoix.com.
  • School deciles listed from www.tki.org.nz and www.parliament.govt.nz.
  • The site moved to www.gogeometry.com on November 5, 2007 from www.agutie.homestead.com.
  • Reid's two websites are: www.catchsalmonbc.com, and www.dcreid.ca.
  • Latino Muslim communities have created support systems, both physically and virtually, through the presence of small mosques and online sites that provide support systems for Latino Muslims, including www.HispanicMuslims.com, www.Latinodawah.org, and www.Piedad.info.
  • There are Three Online Media. www.jugalkhabar.com (जुगल खबर) Editor: Sundar Shireesh, www.sindhukhabar.com (सिन्धु खबर) Editor: Bhupendra Bhandari, www.newsaraniko.com (न्यूज अरनिको) Editor: Naniram Nepal.
  • Currently, Deepika owns two news portals, www.deepika.com and www.rashtradeepika.com.
  • Weekly updates on reconstruction spending are available from www.defendamerica.mil, and from www.usaid.gov.
  • The company's original web sites (www.sbs.uk.com and www.sbsfm.com) no longer exist.
  • (https://www.loc.gov/pictures/collection/hh/index/places/r/) (http://www.preservation.ri.gov/pdfs_zips_downloads/survey_pdfs/south_kingstown.pdf) (https://www.nps.gov/hdp/habs/AmericanPlace.pdf).
  • He has contributed to two anthologies and he keeps personal blogs at www.nanadamoah.com and www.nanaaweredamoah.wordpress.com, and is a columnist on www.infoboxdaily.com.
  • am, www.tundarc.am, www.sendmoneyarmenia.am, www.miglib.org, .
  • In May 2015, the company changed its domain name from www.opened.io to www.opened.com.
  • Xiexiemaster won tournaments on the internet (on site www.clubxianqi.com example with pseudo Patang or www.movesky.net between 2000 and 2005).
  • Resources offered by BLI may also be obtained at other online locations and libraries, including www.WorldCat.org, www.archive.org, www.ibiblio.org, East Texas Baptist University's online Mamye Jarrett Library and www.logos.com.
  • Yu first began blogging with a personal website www.minsoolove.com in 2000. In April 2002, he registered for the URL www.angryasianman.com.
  • The dictionaries can be bought from popular online retailers like www.flipkart.com, www.homeshop18.com, www.pearson.vrvbookshop.com etc. or book sellers across the country.
  • Information about the region can be found at www.indreostfold.no and www.smaalensveven.no or www.visitindre.no.
  • Meanwhile, in a press release was stated that the online media group "Realitatea" (www.realitatea.md; www.rlive.md; www.kankan.md; www.bani.md; www.stireata.md; www.topmedia.md) will continue their activity.
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