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Wada test [less often also: Wada's test]
Wada-Test {m}
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Übersetzung für 'Wada-Test' von Englisch nach Deutsch

Wada test [less often also: Wada's test]
Wada-Test {m}med.
  • Wada-Test {m} = Wada test [less often also: Wada's test]
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  • It is a treatment option for temporal lobe epilepsy for those in whom anticonvulsant medications do not control epileptic seizures, and who have frequent seizures, and who additionally qualify based on a WADA test to localize the dominant hemisphere for language module.
  • In the first three chapters, Schiffer discusses more recent "split-brain" studies, and studies in patients with intact brains using "lateralizing" devices (which first show an image to only one hemisphere), as well as other tests to assess brain activity such as the Wada test, electroencephalogram (EEG), PET scan and functional MRI scan.
  • The Wada test, also known as the intracarotid sodium amobarbital procedure (ISAP), establishes cerebral language and memory representation of each hemisphere.
  • There are two main tests available for this objective- Wada test and fMRI.
  • Juhn Atsushi Wada, OC (born March 28, 1924) is a Japanese Canadian neurologist known for research into epilepsy and human brain asymmetry, including his description of the Wada test for cerebral hemispheric dominance of language function.

  • EEG may be used to monitor the depth of anesthesia, as an indirect indicator of cerebral perfusion in carotid endarterectomy, or to monitor amobarbital effect during the Wada test.
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