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SYNO Wei | Wei dynasty
Wei River [渭河]
Wei He {m}
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Übersetzung für 'Wei' von Englisch nach Deutsch

Wei River [渭河]
Wei He {m}geogr.
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  • Li Wei's art is a difficult process. In pieces such as “Li wei Falls to the Ice Hole,” his head is planted and unseen, while his body remains rigid and upright.
  • Edmund Chen plays Chen Long Wei, a typical rich man's son.
  • Chi Tien-wei has been elected Chief of the "jianghu" after his three disciples eliminate the most feared fighters in the "jianghu", namely: the "Militant Dragon and Tiger", the "Devil Stars" and the "Three Horrid Mice".
  • Princess Tuoba also known by her Dynasty of Northern Wei (386 to 534/535) title Princess Wuwei (武威公主), was the daughter of Emperor Mingyuan of Northern Wei and who later was a princess of the Chinese/Xiongnu state Northern Liang.
  • courtesy name "Rongze" (榮則), a prince and general of Northern Wei.

  • Chen, vice-president of the American Engineering Corporation and president of the Shanghai Y's Men's Club, was taken away by the Wang Ching-wei government and executed after his Wang Ching-wei assassination plan was found out.
  • The first realm has been compared to effortless doing ("wu wei") of Taoism, the second to purposive action ("yu-wei" according to philosophers of the time of Zhuangzi).
  • Liu Han and his brother Liu Wei attracted the attention of the central government after a January 2009 shooting at a Guanghan teahouse.
  • Wei 蜼 "a monkey" is written with a character that combines the "insect radical" 虫 with a "zhui" 隹 phonetic.
  • In September 1905 HMS "Dee" under the command of Lieutenant Commander Harold E Sullivan, RN, while accompanying HMS "Exe" encountered a severe typhoon between Wei-hai-wei and Shanghai.

  • Hsieh Shu-ying and Hsieh Su-wei were the defending champions, having won the event in 2012, but Hsieh Su-wei chose not to participate.
  • Hsieh Su-wei and Zheng Saisai won the title. They defeated Chan Chin-wei and Han Xinyun 6–2, 6–1 in the final.
  • The "Wei and Jin dynasty style" (魏晋风; "weijinfeng") hanfu is another controversial form of hanfu that is believed to have been created in modern times, during the early stage of the 21st century Hanfu movement.
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