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Where am I?Wo bin ich hier?
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Home is where I understand and where I am understood.
Heimat ist da, wo ich verstehe und wo ich verstanden werde. [Karl Jaspers]
I'm right, am I not?Habe ich recht, ja?
Are you looking forward to your parents' visit? - I am and I'm not. Freust du dich auf den Besuch deiner Eltern? - Teils, teils!
I am.Ich bin.
Where was I?Wo war ich stehengeblieben?
I am glad.Ich freue mich.
I am cold.Mir ist kalt.
I am concerned.Ich mache mir Sorgen.
Am I intruding?Störe ich etwa?
I am scared.Mir ist angst.
I am scared.Mir wird angst (und bange).
I am warm.Mir ist warm.
I am thirsty.Mich dürstet. [geh. oder veraltet]
Here I am.Hier bin ich.
Nor am I!Ich auch nicht!
So am I.Ich auch.
Neither am I.Genauso wenig wie ich.
Am I right?Habe ich recht?
I am going.Ich gehe.
Am I right?Liege ich richtig?
Am I to ...?Soll ich ...?
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  • ", "Pick Your Face" and "Position Yourself" and all consisted of "What/Who/Where Am I" questions.
  • Two music videos were produced to promote this album: "Where Am I Gonna Run To" and "Scratch".
  • He has made short animated films with Bob Godfrey, including a short series of animated cartoons for Channel 4 television in 1999 to mark the 20th anniversary of Margaret Thatcher's rise to power, entitled "Margaret Thatcher – Where Am I Now?
  • ... 99) The solo "Heads Hands and Feet" from Santana's "Moonflower" CD and the track "Where Am I Going?
  • "Where Am I Going?" was released to CD for the first time in the early 1990s.

  • Barnardo is in a state of despair, not knowing what will become of him ("Where Am I Going"), and the East End denizens hold an anti-Barnardo demonstration ("Hold a March").
  • Sound effects include digitized audio sampling, such as the voice of Roger saying "Where am I?
  • Now that he has passed away, where am I going to find someone who will point out my mistakes to me?
  • He summed up his philosophy in a speech at the 80th anniversary celebration of Grace United Church in Weyburn, Saskatchewan: "We are moulded into a materialist world where we do a lot of eating, drinking and making merry until we ask the basic questions 'Who am I? Where am I going?
  • "Nothing Can Stop Us", one of the group's most famous singles, features a very prominent sample of Dusty Springfield's track, "I Can't Wait Until I See My Baby's Face" (from her 1967 album "Where Am I Going? ...

  • The film weaves interviews with Hofstadter with adaptations of several works in the book: Dennett's "Where am I?
  • About singing in his works, el-Mohandes started that in the play "Ana fin wenty fein" ("Where am I, and where are you") with the song "Rayeh ageeb al deeb min diloh".
  • Send news to Nizar Qabbani.. I have largely forgotten poetry.. I am here, but where am I?
  • ("Where am I?") in the summer of 2000, followed by two more singles in 2001.
  • Axelrod published three novels: "Blackmailer" (1952), a darkly comic mystery; "Beggar's Choice" (1947), a comedy of role reversal; and "Where Am I Now When I Need Me?

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