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X: The Unknown [Leslie Norman]
XX unbekannt
X-ray / roentgenological identification of unknown corpses
Röntgenidentifizierung {f} unbekannter Leichen
X / The Man With The X-Ray Eyes [Roger Corman]
Der Mann mit den Röntgenaugen
the unknowndas Unbekannte {n}
the great unknowndas große Unbekannte {n}
fear of the unknownAngst {f} vor dem Unbekannten
journey into the unknownFahrt {f} ins Ungewisse
The Unknown [Tod Browning]
Der Unbekannte
a journey into the unknown
eine Reise {f} ins Ungewisse
Tomb of the Unknown SoldierGrabmal {n} des unbekannten Soldaten
a leap into the unknown [fig.]ein Sprung {m} ins Ungewisse [fig.]
Tomb of the Unknown Warrior [NZ] [Br.]
Grabmal {n} des unbekannten Soldaten
X-ray image intensifier <X-ray I.I., X-ray II>
Röntgenbildverstärker {m} <RBV>
X for X-Ray [NATO phonetic alphabet]
X wie X-Ray [NATO-Buchstabiertafel]
X as in X-ray [esp. Am.]
X wie Xanthippe
The X-Files
Akte X
X for Xmas / X-ray
X wie Xaver [österr.] [schweiz.]
X for Xmas / X-ray
X wie Xanthippe
x to the n [exponentiation]
x hoch n [Potenz]
the attorney for Mr. X
der Rechtsanwalt {m} von Herrn X
x to the nth [Exponentiation]
x hoch n [Potenz]
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  • In 1956 he became the first make-up designer ever to receive on-screen credit for "special" make-up effects for his "bold and innovative" work in "X the Unknown".
  • His film credits include: "X the Unknown", "Quatermass 2", "The Camp on Blood Island", "The Face of Fu Manchu" and "Quatermass and the Pit".
  • In 1955 MacNaughton moved back to London, and was cast as Able Seaman McIntosh in "Seagulls over Sorrento" and as Haggis in the 1956 science fiction film "X the Unknown".
  • "Curse" Terrific $30,900" in its first week in Los Angeles with supporting feature "X the Unknown".
  • The December 1957 "News and Views" published by the Church League of America, a conservative organization founded in 1937, attacked the use of "Xmas" in an article titled "X=The Unknown Quantity".

  • AB therefore becomes the same as an algebraic variable, such as "x" (the unknown), to which any value might be assigned; e.g., "x"=3.
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