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X-bar theory
X-Bar-Theorie {f} [auch: X-bar-Theorie]
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Übersetzung für 'X bar theory' von Englisch nach Deutsch

X-bar theory
X-Bar-Theorie {f} [auch: X-bar-Theorie]ling.
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  • Accordingly, the X-bar theory, more specifically the binarity principle, does not impose a restriction on how a node branches.
  • This is in keeping with X'Bar Theory of Phrase Structure Grammar, with Larson's tree structure using the empty Verb to which the V is raised.
  • 0 remain hierarchical and involve multiple layers, with the nodes entering into governing and m-commanding relations, very much as in X-bar theory syntax.
  • ”, we must specify at every level what lexical category each piece of the sentence belongs to Two common ways of notating the syntactic structure of a sentence under X-Bar Theory include bracketing and tree drawing.
  • However, taking this data into account as it is the most complete source of language structure data, X-bar Theory states that underlying structure will differ from surface structure, especially in languages that have seemingly non-dominant structures.
  • However, many modern schools of syntax – especially those that have been influenced by X-bar theory – make no such restriction.
  • In line with both Phrase Structure Rules and X-bar theory, syntactic labelling plays an important role within Chomsky's Minimalist Program (MP).
  • In the theory of Generative Grammar, the verb second phenomenon has been described as an application of X-bar theory.
  • X-bar theory — first introduced in Chomsky (1970) and elaborated in Jackendoff (1977) among other works — was a major milestone in the history of the development of generative grammar.
  • In X-bar theory, adjuncts are represented as elements that are sisters to X' levels and daughters of X' level adjunct X'...].
  • In linguistics, antisymmetry is a syntactic theory presented in Richard S.
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