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NOUN1   X-factor | X-factors
NOUN2   x-factor | x-factors
X factordas gewisse Etwas {n}
X-ray image intensifier <X-ray I.I., X-ray II>
Röntgenbildverstärker {m} <RBV>
water-cement factor <w/c factor> [e.g. of concrete]
Wasser-Zement-Wert {m} <w/z-Wert> [z. B. von Beton]
five-factor model <5-factor model, FFM>
5-Faktoren-Modell {n} <FFM>
X / The Man With The X-Ray Eyes [Roger Corman]
Der Mann mit den Röntgenaugen
X for X-Ray [NATO phonetic alphabet]
X wie X-Ray [NATO-Buchstabiertafel]
X as in X-ray [esp. Am.]
X wie Xanthippe
water-cement factor <w/c factor>
Wasserzementwert {m} <w/z-Wert>
echo-planar imaging factor <EPI factor>
EPI-Faktor {m}
fertility factor <FF, F factor>
Fertilitätsfaktor {m} <F-Faktor>
X for Xmas / X-ray
X wie Xaver [österr.] [schweiz.]
X for Xmas / X-ray
X wie Xanthippe
sigma factor factor>
Sigmafaktor {m} <σ-Faktor> [auch: Sigma-Faktor]
nodulation factor <Nod factor>
Nodulationsfaktor {m} <Nod-Faktor>
rhesus factor <Rh factor>
Rhesusfaktor {m} <Rh-Faktor>
Generation X <Gen X>
Generation {f}<Gen X>
X boson <X>
X-Boson {n} <X>
f-prime of x <f'(x)>
f-Strich von x <f'(x)>
X-ray image intensifier tube <X-ray I.I. tube, XRII tube>
Röntgenbildverstärkerröhre {f} <RBV-Röhre>
f of x <f(x)>
f von x <f(x)>
factorVerkaufskommissionär {m}
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  • X-Factor – Das Unfassbare = Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction?
  • X wie X-Ray [NATO-Buchstabiertafel] = X for X-Ray [NATO phonetic alphabet]
  • PSI Factor - Es geschieht jeden Tag = PSI Factor - Chronicles of the Paranormal
  • Generation {f} X <Gen X> = Generation X <Gen X>
  • Small Form Factor Special Interest Group {f} <SFF-SIG> [Interessengruppe für kleine Formfaktoren (wörtl. übersetzt)] = Small Form Factor Special Interest Group <SFF-SIG>
  • X-Boson {n} <X> = X boson <X>
  • f-Strich von x <f'(x)> = f-prime of x <f'(x)>
  • f von x <f(x)> = f of x <f(x)>
  • X gegen Y <X ./. Y> = X v Y [e.g. Miller versus Miller]
  • X gegen Y <X ./. Y> = X vs Y [e.g. Miller versus Miller]
  • X gegen Y <X ./. Y> = X vs. Y [e.g. Miller versus Miller]
  • X-Bein {n} = in-knee [Genu valgum]
  • x-beinig = knock-kneed
  • x-beinig = valgus
  • Akte X = The X-Files
  • x-Koordinate {f} = x-coordinate
  • X-Hüfte {f} = coxa vara
  • Mutant X = Mutant X
  • X-beinig = valgus
  • Trisomie X {f} = trisomy X
  • X-Inaktivierung {f} = X-inactivation
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Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • In the comics, having been fully established as separate from the "Jean Grey" copy created and taken over by the Phoenix Force, Jean is "absolved" of involvement in the atrocities of "The Dark Phoenix" storyline, and she returned in the first issue of "X-Factor" (1st Series).
  • Cyclops loses a duel for the leadership of the X-Men against Storm, then leaves them and joins the other four original X-Men to form a new team called X-Factor.
  • As a result, Ofcom launched an investigation, which cleared Minogue and "The X Factor".
  • "X-Factor" is an American comic book series published by Marvel Comics.
  • Iron Maiden wrote a song inspired by the book, included in their 1995 album "The X Factor".

  • On more than one occasion, editorial problems or corporate pressure to modify or re-script his plotlines have prompted David to leave books, particularly his decision to terminate his first run on Marvel's "X-Factor", due to constantly having to constrain his plots to accommodate crossover events with other books.
  • In March 2017, Rob Wade was named Fox's new president of alternative entertainment and specials Rob Wade; he had previously worked as a showrunner for "Dancing with the Stars", as head of entertainment for BBC Worldwide, and as executive producer of "America's Got Talent" and "The X Factor".
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