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Röntgenstrahlung {f}
3 Wörter
characteristic X-radiation [EUR 17538]
charakteristische Röntgenstrahlung {f} [EUR 17538]
hard X-radiation
harte Röntgenstrahlung {f}
soft X-radiation
weiche Röntgenstrahlung {f}
solar X-radiation
Röntgenstrahlung {f} der Sonne
4 Wörter
generation of X-radiation
Erzeugung {f} von Röntgenstrahlung
soft (X) radiation generator
Weichstrahlgenerator {m}
X-ray radiation dose
Röntgenstrahlendosis {f}
X-ray radiation field
Röntgenstrahlenfeld {n}
5+ Wörter
protection against X-rays / radiation
Strahlenschutz {m}
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  • The adsorption of the x-radiation is used to determine the relative mass concentration for each size class by applying the Beer-Lambert-Bouguer law.
  • Concerns about x-rays emitted by CRTs began in 1967 when it was found that TV sets made by General Electric were emitting "X-radiation in excess of desirable levels".
  • Alpha Cephei is also known to emit an amount of X radiation similar to the Sun, which along with other indicators suggests the existence of considerable magnetic activity—something unexpected (though not at all unusual) for a fast rotator.
  • He is also vulnerable to "X-radiation", which affects him as much as Kryptonite harms Kryptonians.
  • X-radiation is absorbed by the Earth's atmosphere, so instruments to detect X-rays must be taken to high altitude by balloons, sounding rockets, and satellites.
  • In 1953 she wrote her famous paper, “Oxygen poisoning and x-radiation: a mechanism in common”, however, it was not widely accepted in the science community because it opposed the scientific literature and views of the time.
  • From 1963 through 1965, Alonso studied biophysics at Bryn Mawr College, where she researched the effect of x-radiation on the transmission of action potentials through live axons in crayfish.
  • Electron-beam welding can never be "hand-manipulated", even if not realized in vacuum, as there is always strong X-radiation.
  • Traces of the original composition were detected by x-radiation before the restoration work.
  • There, he researched the influence of X-radiation on chromosomes in living cells.
  • Parthasarathy was known to have engaged in extensive research in the fields of cytology and genetics of sugar cane and rice and was credited with induction of mutations in X-radiation for the first time.
  • His discovery prompted physicians to experiment with x-radiation as a method for hair removal - a method that became popular in the early 20th century, and was soon adopted by commercial practitioners (ie salon owners) as well.
  • By about 1928 Wilde and the restorer Sebastian Isepp were using X-radiation as a systematic aid to understanding both the physical condition of paintings and the artistic processes by which those paintings had been created.
  • Shakura developed a model of accretion onto black holes, from a disk, and he has proposed a signature for X-radiation from matter spiraling into a black hole.
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