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NOUN   an X-ray sphere | X-ray spheres
X-ray sphere
Röntgenkugel {f}
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Übersetzung für 'X ray sphere' von Englisch nach Deutsch

X-ray sphere
Röntgenkugel {f}hist.MedTech.
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  • Explorer 53 (SAS-C) was a small spacecraft whose objectives were to survey the celestial sphere for sources radiating in the X-ray, gamma ray, ultraviolet, and other spectral regions.
  • Ewald's sphere can be used to find the maximum resolution available for a given electron, neutron or X-ray wavelength and the unit cell dimensions.
  • As confirmed by X-ray crystallography, the coordination sphere of vanadium consists of η5-cyclopentadienyl and four carbonyl ligands.
  • Recent EXAFS (Extended X-Ray Absorption Find Structure) analyses by Joannis Psilitelis has shown that fulminating gold is a square planar tetraamminegold(III) cation with either four or one gold atoms in the second coordination sphere.
  • X-ray crystallographic structures of several MMP catalytic domains have shown that this domain is an oblate sphere measuring 35 x 30 x 30 Å (3.5 × 3 x 3 nm).
  • For a given incidence angle of X-rays onto a surface, only the intersections of the crystal truncation rods with the Ewald sphere can be observed.
  • The gamma ray source was placed in the center of a metal sphere surrounded by the explosive lenses, which in turn were inside in an ionization chamber.
  • For example, the singular isothermal sphere (SIS) profile and the Navarro-Frenk-White (NFW) profile are two commonly used parametric models.
  • It has a relatively high proper motion across the celestial sphere, suggesting that it has a peculiar velocity roughly three times higher than its neighbors.
  • He believed the cathode rays exuded in the sphere were dynamically different from those discovered by Phillipp Lenard only a year earlier.
  • Thermal annealing can be used to change the flake-like structure into sphere- or rod-like structures.
  • In reciprocal space the Ewald sphere has its center in the sample.
  • In our simple model the sphere contains highly relativistic electrons and a steady magnetic field.
  • This is also known as magnetic float polishing and employs a magnetic fluid with a magnetic "float" to ensure an even pressure distribution on the sphere surface during rotation.
  • The CGM is a large sphere surrounding galaxies with a radius > 70 - 200 kpc.
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