Übersetzung für 'X-acto' von Englisch nach Deutsch
X-acto knife [Am.] [X-ACTO®]
Schablonenmesser {n}
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Übersetzung für 'X-acto' von Englisch nach Deutsch

X-acto knife [Am.] [X-ACTO®]
Schablonenmesser {n}tools
Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • The weapons used were an X-Acto knife and a scalpel.
  • Security measures were significantly increased after the well-known antiques dealer Edward Forbes Smiley III was caught cutting maps from rare books with an X-acto blade in 2005.
  • A technician would then use a coordinatograph to precisely cut the rubylith (lamenated onto a transparent plastic such as mylar) and a knife (X-Acto) to peel the appropriate sections away while it was resting on the light table.
  • X-Acto is the brand name for a variety of cutting tools and office products.
  • X-Acto is a brand name for a variety of cutting tools and office products owned by Elmer's Products, Inc.

  • Smiley was caught and arrested after a library staff member found his X-Acto knife on the floor.
  • Many users (hobbyists, graphic artists, architects, students, and others) may be familiar with collets as the part of an X-Acto or equivalent knife that holds the blade.
  • Pete, after seeing Doris' spirit in his room and becoming possessed, slits his wrists with an X-ACTO knife.
  • As a young adolescent, he carved his first figure using a simple X-acto carving knife.
  • He said none could be definitively linked to the killing and that no skeletal marks suggested the screwdriver or scissors were used, but some were consistent with saw and knife or X-Acto blade injuries.

  • He used techniques such as manually scraping imperfections such as pops and hisses from reel-to-reel tapes with an X-Acto knife.
  • Scientists use delicate instruments like dental picks, needles, small pneumatic engraving tools, and X-Acto knives.
  • The cut-outs are highly detailed, with many > tabs to cut by X-acto knife prior to assembly; they are printed in color on one side only throughout pages 39–165, and detailed instructions are printed on both sides of pages 9 to 38 (37-38), also printed in color on card stock.
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