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X-bar theory
X-Bar-Theorie {f} [auch: X-bar-Theorie]
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Übersetzung für 'X-bar' von Englisch nach Deutsch

X-bar theory
X-Bar-Theorie {f} [auch: X-bar-Theorie]ling.
  • X-Bar-Theorie {f} [auch: X-bar-Theorie] = X-bar theory
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  • Eminent Syriac saints, scholars, hermits, martyrs and pastors since 1100 also include Dionysius Bar Salibi (1171), Gregorius X Bar Hebraeus (1286) and more recently Bishop Mor Flavianus Michael Malke.
  • This means that all phrasal categories have fundamentally uniform structures under the X-bar schema, which makes it unnecessary to assume that different phrases have different structures, unlike when we adopt the PSR.
  • This is in keeping with X'Bar Theory of Phrase Structure Grammar, with Larson's tree structure using the empty Verb to which the V is raised.
  • The theory is built on the foundation of X-bar theory.
  • However, many modern schools of syntax – especially those that have been influenced by X-bar theory – make no such restriction.

  • In line with both Phrase Structure Rules and X-bar theory, syntactic labelling plays an important role within Chomsky's Minimalist Program (MP).
  • It is left-branching insofar as the bar-level projection of the head (X') follows the specifier, but it is right-branching insofar as the actual head (X0) precedes the complement.
  • In the theory of Generative Grammar, the verb second phenomenon has been described as an application of X-bar theory.
  • Some X-bar notations use a double-prime (standing in for a double-bar) to indicate a phrasal level, indicated in most notations by "XP".
  • X-bar theory — first introduced in Chomsky (1970) and elaborated in Jackendoff (1977) among other works — was a major milestone in the history of the development of generative grammar.

  • A chance meeting with Andy Votel at the Generation X bar in Manchester, where Gough's friends Scott Abraham and Damon Hayhurst were contributing to an exhibition by the Space Monkey Clothing Company and Votel was DJing, led to the foundation of Twisted Nerve Records.
  • In X-bar theory, adjuncts are represented as elements that are sisters to X' levels and daughters of X' level adjunct X'...].
  • The "X Bar X Boys" was a series of western adventures for boys created by the Stratemeyer Syndicate and written under the pseudonym of James Cody Ferris and published by Grosset & Dunlap.
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