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Death <XIII> [also: death] [Tarot card]
Tod {m} <XIII> [Tarotkarte]
Trimorphic Protennoia <NHC XIII, 1> [Nag Hammadi text]
Dreigestaltige Protennoia {f}
Pope Innocent XIII
Papst {m} Innozenz XIII.
Pope Leo XIII
Papst {m} Leo XIII.
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  • Tod {m} <XIII> [Tarotkarte] = Death <XIII> [also: death] [Tarot card]
  • Papst {m} Innozenz XIII. = Pope Innocent XIII
  • Papst {m} Leo XIII. = Pope Leo XIII
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Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
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  • "Íslendingabók" only lists the line of succession: "x Dyggvi. xi Dagr. xii Alrekr. xiii Agni. xiiii Yngvi'.

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  • An elaborate criticism of the book was in the "Monthly Review", xiii. 45–50 (see also John Davy). At the end of his book appeared an advertisement of other works by the author.
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