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Temperance <XIV> [also: temperance] [Tarot card]
Mäßigkeit {f} <XIV> [Tarotkarte]
Louis XIV
Ludwig XIV. {m}
Pope Clement XIV
Papst {m} Clemens XIV.
Mademoiselle de Scudéri. A Tale from the Times of Louis XIV
Das Fräulein von Scuderi. Erzählung aus dem Zeitalter Ludwigs des Vierzehnten [E. T. A. Hoffmann]
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  • Mäßigkeit {f} <XIV> [Tarotkarte] = Temperance <XIV> [also: temperance] [Tarot card]
  • Ludwig XIV. {m} = Louis XIV
  • Papst {m} Clemens XIV. = Pope Clement XIV
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  • While Austin denied that he was an anarchist or a socialist "in the sense that most men understand the term" he did admit that a "new social system' was required xiv.
  • According to Isidore Loeb, in a special study of the subject in the "Revue des Études Juives" (xiv. ...
  • From: Colgrave, "Life of St Wilfrid". pp. xiii-xiv.
  • After the Roman conquest of Macedon in 146 BC, Paionia east and west of the Axios formed the second and third districts respectively of the Roman province of Macedonia (Livy xiv. ...
  • This partial list of characters is taken from the novel, p. xiv.

  • Pindar (in Athen. xiv. p. 635), in the same line wherein he attributes the introduction of the instrument into Greece to Terpander, tells us one could magadize, i.e.
  • 13) lists Praxiteles as an artist on the Mausoleum of Maussollos and Strabo (xiv, 23, 51) attributes to him the whole sculpted decoration of the Temple of Artemis at Ephesus.
  • Introduction (xiii-xiv): The recommended manner of reading and thinking about Salzburg – at least while reading this book – is to do so with humor.
  • philosophy might be characterized as a perspective that people are in large part defined by what they do for a living, can be seen in his growing interest in studying the transformation of slash-and-burn horticulturists into national proletariats in South America" (Clemmer 1999: xiv).
  • From example i to xiv, it can be observed that, though they have borrowed words from Gujarati, the words are themselves blended with Arabic, Urdu and Persian.

  • 14. "What is Truth? From the Academy to the Vatican" (Cambridge University Press, 2008) pp. xiv, 361.
  • He also wrote five volumes in "Rivington's Theological Library": vols. vii. xii. and xvi., "Scripture Biography", 1834, and vols. xiv. and xv., "Biography of the Early Church", 1836.
  • A Sermon on Rom. xiv. 19", and "Practical Exposition of the Beatitudes."
  • ... Ital. xiv. 251).
  • It is a Kabalistic commentary on the Hebrew Bible, "Ba'ale Berit Abraham" (Abraham's Confederates; see Book of Genesis xiv.13), Vilna, 1873.

  • 2016. Hensel, M. & Nilsson, F. ‘Introduction: The Changing Shape of Practice’ The Changing Shape of Practice - Integrating Research and Design in Architecture. London: Routledge, xiv-xviii.
  • Ltd. 29 cm, xiv, 244 pp., 16 pl. Hb [...] & 81-204-1083-1.
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