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xanthosine monophosphate <XMP>
Xanthosinmonophosphat {n} <XMP>
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xanthosine monophosphate <XMP>
Xanthosinmonophosphat {n} <XMP>biochem.
  • Xanthosinmonophosphat {n} <XMP> = xanthosine monophosphate <XMP>
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  • The Extensible Metadata Platform (XMP) has largely superseded IIM's file structure, but the IIM image attributes are defined in the "IPTC Core" schema for XMP and most image manipulation programs keep the XMP and non-XMP IPTC attributes synchronized.
  • This free version supports the JPEG and Microsoft HD Photo / JPEG-XR image formats and can read/write Adobe XMP rating metadata in external sidecar files (*.xmp) or embed it within JPEG (JFIF), HD Photo and TIFF containers.
  • The overall reaction consists of two steps: a deamination step, in which ammonia is released from guanosine and a covalent enzyme-GXP (E-XMP*) intermediate is formed, followed by a hydride transfer step, in which E-XMP* is reduced with a hydride from NADPH, releasing IMP.
  • The Extensible Metadata Platform (XMP) metadata standard introduced an unofficial but now widespread "XMP Data" application extension block for including XMP data in GIF files.
  • An instance of the XMP data model is called an XMP packet.

  • Cross-platform file tagging standards include Extensible Metadata Platform (XMP), an ISO standard for embedding metadata into popular image, video and document file formats, such as JPEG and PDF, without breaking their readability by applications that do not support XMP.
  • IMPDH is a rate limiting enzyme that catalyses IMP to xanthosine monophosphate (XMP).
  • The Extensible Metadata Platform (XMP) has largely superseded IIM's image file header structure, but the properties of the IPTC Core are synchronized between the technical structures of XMP and IIM by a vast majority of imaging software.
  • The pathway then branches to form adenylosuccinate and then adenylate (AMP) in one branch and xanthylate (XMP) and then guanylate (GMP) in the other branch.
  • Prelude is an XMP - based open platform that allows for custom integration into many video editing platforms.

  • An entirely new type of parachute with extremely fast opening characteristics, the "Ultra-Fast Opening Personnel Parachute Type XMP-2", was developed for use in testing of the HZ-1 and Hiller VZ-1 flying platforms.
  • All data above are for DDR3 (XMP 1.1); DDR4 specs are not yet available.
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