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xeno-nucleic acid <XNA> [also: xenonucleic acid]
Xenonukleinsäure {f} <XNA>
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Übersetzung für 'XNA' von Englisch nach Deutsch

xeno-nucleic acid <XNA> [also: xenonucleic acid]
Xenonukleinsäure {f} <XNA>biochem.
  • Xenonukleinsäure {f} <XNA> = xeno-nucleic acid <XNA> [also: xenonucleic acid]
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  • ... NET") is built on the Microsoft XNA, as the first major XNA-based engine and game development tool.
  • Live Gamertags are also used for the XNA Creator's Club service.
  • Support for XACT has been carried over from DirectX to XNA.
  • FNA is a full-featured open source reimplementation of XNA forked from MonoGame. The goal of FNA is to preserve the XNA game library by reimplementing XNA itself.
  • Content management and distribution continues to follow the XNA 4 ContentManager model.

  • Not much was done with XNA until the development of special polymerase enzyme, capable of copying XNA from a DNA template as well as copying XNA back into DNA.
  • The game runs on Windows only because it uses the Microsoft XNA framework for graphics and sound.
  • ARTag is supported by the open source Goblin XNA software.
  • "AvaGlide" uses the SunBurn XNA Game Engine from Synapse Gaming and a physics library.
  • Prior to the release of the OpenZDK development kit, writing applications for the Zune required the use of Microsoft's XNA development environment.

  • The game was written using C# and XNA.
  • "X-No-Archive", also known colloquially as xna, is a newsgroup message header field used to prevent a Usenet message from being archived in various servers.
  • Miles has given speeches worldwide on topics including C Sharp, Microsoft XNA, Windows Mobile development and embedded development using the .NET Micro Framework.
  • There are two large categories, one is XNA games which has three sub categories; best game made with XNA, best graphics in an XNA game and best game concept in XNA game.
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