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NOUN   xor | xors
XOR operation
XOR-Verknüpfung {f}
XOR operation
Exklusiv-ODER-Verknüpfung {f}
bitwise exclusive OR <XOR>
binäres ausschließliches Oder {n}
exclusive OR gate <XOR gate, EXOR gate, EOR gate>
Entweder-Oder-Gatter {n} <XOR-Gatter>
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  • XOR-Verknüpfung {f} = XOR operation
  • Entweder-Oder-Gatter {n} <XOR-Gatter> = exclusive OR gate <XOR gate, EXOR gate, EOR gate>
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  • For misuse of the "xor" or "nand" operators, see False dilemma.
  • Instructions come in two main varieties, with most important operations (add, xor, shifts, etc.) allowing both forms.
  • Tagged pointers have some of the same difficulties as xor linked lists, although to a lesser extent.
  • Dolev's research in cryptography and cyber security research contributions include the introduction of the xor-trees and buses, secret sharing communication and the accumulating automata and secret shared random-access machine, which evolved to patents and establishment of start-ups.
  • The most common form of key whitening is xor-encrypt-xor -- using a simple XOR before the first round and after the last round of encryption.

  • Where a register of 16 bits is used and the xor tap at the fourth, 13th, 15th and sixteenth bit establishes a maximum sequence length.
  • So the recovery blocks in level one are just the xor of some set of input blocks.
  • The RX_CTL signal carries RXDV (data valid) on the rising edge, and (RXDV xor RXER) on the falling edge.
  • W^X ("write xor execute", pronounced "W xor X") is a security feature in operating systems and virtual machines.
  • The population count of a bitstring is often needed in cryptography and other applications. The Hamming distance of two words "A" and "B" can be calculated as the Hamming weight of "A" xor "B".

  • The XOR operator is extremely common as a component in more complex ciphers.
  • Xor filters are static AMQ-Filters that are based on a Bloomier filter and use the idea perfect hash tables.
  • For each vertex "v", calculate and keep xor("v"), which is the xor of the numbers of all edges adjacent to it.
  • The xor–encrypt–xor (XEX) is a (tweakable) mode of operation of a block cipher.
  • For binary arithmetic, "or" is faster than "xor" and takes fewer transistors to implement. However, for a multiple-level carry-lookahead adder, it is simpler to use [...].

  • This gives [...] new "derived characters" which are hashed by a second hash function and the two values are xor'ed together.
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