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eXPerience® <XP> [Windows XP: Microsoft's operating system in the early 2000s]
[Windows XP: Microsoft-Betriebssystem aus den frühen 2000er-Jahren]
xerophthalmia <XP>
Xerophthalmie {f}
Chi Rho <XP, ☧> [monogram of Christ]
Christusmonogramm {n} <XP, ☧> [aus griechisch X+P (chi+rho)]
Chi Rho <XP, ☧> [monogram of Christ]
konstantinisches Kreuz {n} <XP, ☧> [aus griechisch X+P (chi+rho)]
Chi Rho <XP, ☧> [monogram of Christ] [ΧΡΙΣΤΟΣ]
Chi-Rho-Zeichen {n} <XP, ☧> [Christusmonogramm] [ΧΡΙΣΤΟΣ]
experience point <XP, EXP>
Erfahrungs­punkt {m} <XP, EXP>
Jesus Christ <XP> [from the first two Greek letters of 'CHRISTOS']
Jesus Christus {m} <XP> [aus den ersten beiden griechischen Buchstaben von 'CHRISTOS']
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  • Christusmonogramm {n} <XP, ☧> [aus griechisch X+P (chi+rho)] = Chi Rho <XP, ☧> [monogram of Christ]
  • Erfahrungspunkt {m} <XP, EXP> = experience point <XP, EXP>
  • Jesus Christus {m} <XP> [aus den ersten beiden griechischen Buchstaben von 'CHRISTOS'] = Jesus Christ <XP> [from the first two Greek letters of 'CHRISTOS']
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  • These patients are classified as XP complementation group F (XP-F).
  • WIC is available for Windows XP with Service Pack 2, as a stand-alone downloadable program, and is built into Windows XP with Service Pack 3.
  • The XP-30 comes with 640 patches in its preset banks plus 766 additional patches available through three integrated SR-JV80 sound expansion ROM sets: Session (SR-JV80-09), Orchestral (SR-JV80-02) and Techno Collection (SR-JV80-11).
  • For Windows XP, the font has become available free of charge by obtaining the Japanese version of Microsoft Visual C# 2008 Express Edition and electing to install the Microsoft Silverlight runtime.
  • The Vultee XP-68 Tornado was a proposed American high-altitude interceptor aircraft.

  • A workaround for "Z 95s incompatibility with Windows XP which allows "Z 95" to run on a Windows XP system without any form of emulation was posted on the ZZone forums.
  • The XP-72 development paralleled that of another Republic design, the XP-69 that was to be powered by an experimental 42-cylinder Wright R-2160 liquid-cooled inline radial engine mounted in the nose of the aircraft and driving contra-rotating propellers.
  • Windows XP added support for 32-bit color (16.7 million colors plus 8-bit alpha channel transparency) icon images, thus allowing semitransparent areas like shadows, anti-aliasing, and glass-like effects to be drawn in an icon.
  • Test work on the Lockheed P-80, the successor to the XP-59 was undertaken for the greater part of 1945.
  • As envisioned, the Rocketplane XP would carry a pilot and five passengers on a flight profile from a runway using jet engines like a conventional aircraft.

  • XP has been a plot element in several fictional works. One of the common themes in films about XP is whether teens with XP will risk sun exposure in pursuit of a romantic partner.
  • After completing an arena, players received a final report and could spend experience points (XP) to raise statistic points (50 XP) or rank (200 XP).
  • For every tank destroyed or flag captured, players build up a number of XP (rank experience points) which they are rewarded, and container points.
  • An early pre-release version of MSN Explorer, labeled version 1.1, was originally included with a development build of Windows XP.
  • The first version of rules for XP was published in 1999 by Don Wells at the XP website.

  • In March 2014, Laplink partnered with Microsoft to offer Windows XP users a free data migration tool to move from a Windows XP computer to a Windows 7, 8 or 8.1 computer due to Microsoft's deprecation of Windows Easy Transfer.
  • In Windows XP, Computer Browser Service provides backwards compatibility for versions that don't use Active Directory.
  • Some experts also recommended avoiding triple DES CBC.
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