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X-ray photoelectron diffraction <XPD>
Photoelektronenbeugung {f} <PED, PhD, XPD>
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  • Photoelektronenbeugung {f} <PED, PhD, XPD> = X-ray photoelectron diffraction <XPD>
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  • The XPD (ERCC2) gene encodes for a 2.3-kb mRNA containing 22 exons and 21 introns.
  • Palladium coins are a form of coinage made out of the rare silver-white transition metal palladium. Palladium is assigned the code XPD by ISO 4217. The first palladium coins were produced in 1966.
  • Depending on the expected XPD of the DUT, mechanical countermeasures should be introduced to guarantee that the artificial measurement uncertainty can be neglected.
  • The TFIIH subunits of XPD and XPB act as a 5'-3' and 3'-5' helicase, respectively - they help unwind DNA and generate a junction between the double-stranded and single-stranded DNA around the transcription bubble.
  • XPD (Xeroderma pigmentosum factor D, also known as protein ERCC2) is a 5'-3', Superfamily II, ATP-dependent helicase containing iron-sulphur cluster domains.

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