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extended release <XR, ER> [drug]
verlängerte Freisetzung {f} [Wirkstoff]
extended-release <ER, XR, XL> capsule
Retardkapsel {f}
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  • "Dyanavel XR", a liquid suspension form became available in 2015, and contains about 24% levoamphetamine.
  • The Firestone XR-9, also known by the company designation Model 45, was a 1940s American experimental helicopter built by the Firestone Aircraft Company for the United States Army Air Forces.
  • Cannes XR is a program fully dedicated to immersive technologies and entertainment located at the Palais des Festivals.
  • The original BF Falcon exterior cosmetic changes from the previous model included a split lower grille on the front bumper of non-XR based models, an updated front bumper on XR models, updated jewelled tail lamps on sedans, and a new style of alloy wheel on XR models.
  • Further variants are the "Sniper Extended Range (XR)", as well as the "PANTERA" export derivative of the Sniper XR.

  • Extinction Rebellion Youth (abbreviated as XRY and shortened to XR Youth) is the autonomous youth wing of the global environmental movement Extinction Rebellion (XR), made up of activists under the age of 30.
  • The 1984 XR500RE model was the last 500cc XR, being superseded in 1985 by the larger Honda XR 600RF.
  • Originally previewed by the concept Citroën C–XR during the 2014 Beijing Auto Show in April 2014, the C3-XR is derived from the Citroën C-Elysée.
  • As Knife #1 moves rightwards, XR shrinks while XLT and XLB grows.
  • In this example we need to compute two values yr = ar * xr - ai * xi, yi = ai * xr + ar * xi which can be done sequentially computing the terms as shown in the expressions.

  • On September 30th, 2020, all Samsung XR user accounts were disabled, and the according account information and data was permanently deleted from the Samsung XR service.
  • Jeggo and her fellow researchers discovered that two mutants, xrs-6 and XR-1, play a role in restoring V(D)J recombination and were able to identify which genes are affected by DNA breakage.
  • Explicitly, for any additive endomorphism "f", if "fg" = "gf" for every "R" endomorphism "g", then there exists an "r" in "R" such that "f"("x") = "xr" for all "x" in "M".
  • that sends each "x" to "rx" (or "xr" in the case of a right module), and is necessarily a group endomorphism of the abelian group [...].
  • While both trims shared the same powertrain offerings, the XR-7 received its own exterior and interior design, distinguished by a vinyl top (on hardtops); along with standardizing many options, the XR-7 received its own door panels and dashboard.

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