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crystal quartz <Xtal quartz, XTAL quartz>
Kristallquarz {m}
xtal / XTAL [crystal]
XTAL {m} [Quarz]
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  • XTAL {m} [Quarz] = xtal / XTAL [crystal]
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  • In August 2006 a re-mastered version of "Japanese Spy Transcript" was released in Japan on the XTAL label (also home to Yndi halda and You Slut! ...
  • LXD, Incorporated was founded as ILIXCO (International Liquid Xtal Company) by James Fergason in 1968 in Kent, Ohio and was the first manufacturer of the twisted nematic LCD.
  • Xtal is an informal abbreviation for crystals (as a reference designator on printed circuit boards).
  • The second batch of games for 2012 was announced in August and included five titles: platformer "Eryi's Action" by Xtal Sword, action-RPG "Croixleur" by Souvenir Circ, and shoot 'em ups "Kamui", "RefleX", and "Alltynex Second" by Siter Skain.
  • Director of Photography Angus Hudson and Nooshin opted for the Cooke Xtal Express range of anamorphic lenses, originally spherical lenses from the 1930s that had been re-housed and modified with anamorphic elements in the 1980s.

  • Japanese label XTAL Records picked up the band's release in 2008.
  • '" "DJ Mag" noted that the "fuzzy melodies and blurred female vocal" of opening track “Xtal” places the track "in a zone similar to contemporaneous shoegaze artists Seefeel and My Bloody Valentine (albeit with the guitars stripped out)."
  • "Enjoy Eternal Bliss" is the debut EP by English post-rock band Yndi Halda released on the Big Scary Monsters Recording Company in the UK; Burnt Toast Vinyl in the USA and XTAL Records in Japan.
  • This usage of 'X' to spell the syllable "kris" (rather than the sounds "ks") has extended to "xtal" for 'crystal', and on florists' signs to "xant" for 'chrysanthemum', [...] even though these words are not etymologically related to "Christ": "crystal" comes from a Greek word meaning 'ice' (and not even using the letter [...]), and "chrysanthemum" comes from Greek words meaning 'golden flower', while "Christ" comes from a Greek word meaning 'anointed'.
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