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Star <XVII> [also: star, sometimes Stars] [Tarot card]
Stern {m} <XVII> [Tarotkarte]
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  • Stern {m} <XVII> [Tarotkarte] = Star <XVII> [also: star, sometimes Stars] [Tarot card]
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  • "Bald's Leechbook" and "Leechbook III" survive only in the manuscript London, British Library, Royal 12 D. xvii.
  • , is an ancient town mentioned by Diodorus Siculus (xvii. ...
  • After she died, Ptolemy II and later Ptolemy IV Philopator decreed divine honors to her (Theocritus, "Idylls" xv. and xvii.).
  • (xvii) Assurance Committee, Amenities Committee of OLA(2000–04).
  • Diacrisia crossi, Eoths. Nov. Zool. xvii. p. 141 (1910).

  • Vitellius D: A third OE version was in the Cotton library's Vitellius D. xvii. Unfortunately this volume was destroyed in the fire of 1731.
  • ——. Foreword to Money and Possessions, by Walter Brueggemann, xi-xvii. Louisville, KY: Westminster John Knox, 2016.
  • He was the author of "The Account of the Parish of Luss" in vol. xvii. of Sir John Sinclair's "Statistical Account of Scotland".
  • “Bernardo Pisano: An Introduction to His Life and Works”, "Musica Disciplina", xvii (1963), 115-35.
  • A parody appears in Lord Byron's 1819 poem "Don Juan": "Her guardian angel had given up his garrison" (Canto I, xvii).

  • His knighthood has been disputed by historians, but Williamson notes two official documents that refer to him as Sir Thomas Spert (Letters and Papers, vi, No. 196 ; xvii, No. 1258).
  • Hermopolis (Greek: [...]) also known as Hermopolis Mikra (...) and Hermopolis Parva was an ancient city of Egypt. It was located on an island near the city "Butosos" now Buto (Strabo xvii. p. 802).
  • When Darius attempted to become independent of the powerful vizier, Bagoas tried to poison him too; but Darius was warned and forced Bagoas to drink the poison himself (Diod. xvii. ...
  • See Innocencio da Silva, "Diccionario bibliographico Portuguez", vol. vi. pp. 386–393, and vol. xvii. pp. 182–184; also Teófilo Braga, "A Arcadia Lusitana" (Porto, 1899).
  • 23. Mauro Baranzini Corso di economia politica, Milan: CUSL, pp. xvii + 559. (1st ed. 1986; 4th ed. 1988).

  • The Plate Assay Act 1700 was repealed by section 4(2)(b) of the Assay Offices Act 1962 (10 & 11 Eliz 2 c xvii).
  • "Scriptores Historiae Augustae", Julius Capitolinus, "Opellius Macrinus ix"; Aelius Lampridius, "Antoninus Heliogabalus i-ii, iv, xvii-xviii.
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