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XY's finest [media term referring to the police force(s) of a city XY]
(die) XYer Polizei {f} [der engl. Ausdruck wird vorwiegend in den Medien für die Polizeikräfte einer Stadt XY verwendet]
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  • This shows the role "r'xy" plays in the regression line of standardized data points.
  • Where "r" is the magnitude of the projection of v onto the "xy"-plane, "θ" is the angle between the positive "x"-axis and v, and "h" is the height from the "xy"-plane to the endpoint of "v".
  • It has a higher thermal conductivity value in Z-direction than xy-direction.
  • The axioms for rings plus ∀"x" ∀"y" "xy" = "yx".
  • Its name is derived from "trimeth"yl"o"xy-"p"y"rim"idine.

  • The standard orientation, where the "xy"-plane is horizontal and the "z"-axis points up (and the "x"- and the "y"-axis form a positively oriented two-dimensional coordinate system in the "xy"-plane if observed from "above" the "xy"-plane) is called right-handed or positive.
  • Now run the third hyperbolic paraboloid, "z" = "xy", through them. The result is shown in Figure 2.
  • So there is a set of camera vector pairs C"ij" for which the intersection of the inverse projections of two points "XY'i" and "XY'j" is a non-empty, hopefully small, set centering on a theoretical stationary point "xyz" .
  • In mathematics, the azimuth angle of a point in cylindrical coordinates or spherical coordinates is the anticlockwise angle between the positive "x"-axis and the projection of the vector onto the "xy"-plane.
  • For all trees "x" and all trees "y", SK"xy" will always evaluate to "y" in two steps, K"y"("xy") = "y", so the ultimate result of evaluating SK"xy" will always equal the result of evaluating "y".

  • "AB"-separator, and removing the end vertices in a set of independent "xy"-paths gives an "AB"-connector.
  • "Set the Story Straight" was featured in a second-season episode of "Kyle xy". "Still Lost" was featured in the third-season episode "Electric Kiss" of "Kyle XY".
  • 0 is Part of Gimp 2.8.xy and Series 0.3.xy is Part of 2.9.x and in 2.10.0 Release Candidates.
  • The xy-digit codes (sometimes xy z) are allocated per network, although with the introduction of number portability, there is no longer a fixed relationship between the mobile phone number and the network it uses.
  • As an algebra over "k", the Pareigis algebra is generated by elements "x","y", 1/"y", with the relations "xy" + "yx" = "x"2 = 0.

  • Two successive rotations with axes in the "xy"-plane will not necessarily give a rotation whose axis lies in the "xy"-plane, and thus cannot be represented as a point on the sphere.
  • The local ring "k"[...]/("y"2,"xy") is not Cohen–Macaulay so does not have a dualizing module.
  • Their projection in the "xy"-plane are circles of radius [...].
  • By Vieta jumping, the other root "z′" satisfies "z + z′" = 3"xy" and "zz′ = x" 2 + "y" 2.
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