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XYY syndrome
XYY-Syndrom {n}
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XYY syndrome
XYY-Syndrom {n}med.
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  • At the time of his arrest, it was widely reported that he was diagnosed as having XYY syndrome which led to claims that this may have been responsible for his violent behaviour.
  • The primary colors are usually specified in terms of their xyY chromaticity coordinates, though the uʹ,vʹ coordinates from the UCS chromaticity diagram may be used.
  • Dignam was married three times, divorced twice (his character in "The XYY Man" frequently complains about the expense of maintaining multiple ex-wives).
  • The goal of the XYY study was to assess the risk of criminality the extra Y chromosome supposedly conferred.
  • Carlo interviews Anna, who reveals that the institute has been researching "XYY syndrome."

  • A few other XYZ-style color-matching functions have been available. These functions imply their own XYZ-like and xyY-like color spaces.
  • In December 1968, the "Journal of Medical Genetics" published the first XYY review article—by Michael Court Brown, director of the MRC Human Genetics Unit—which reported no overrepresentation of XYY males in nationwide chromosome surveys of prisons and hospitals for developmentally disabled and mentally ill people in Scotland, and concluded that studies confined to institutionalized XYY males may be guilty of selection bias, and that long-term longitudinal prospective studies of newborn XYY boys were needed.
  • The incidence of XYY syndrome is approximately 1 in 800–1000 male births.
  • The conversion from rgG to RGB, is the same as the conversion from xyY to XYZ.
  • The xyY space is a cross between the CIE XYZ and its normalized chromaticity coordinates xyz, such that the luminance Y is preserved and augmented with just the required two chromaticity dimensions.

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