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Xerxes the Great [Xerxes I]
Xerxes {m} I. [achämenidischer Großkönig]
Xerxes [Aladdin] [Disney]
Xerxes [original title: Serse] [opera by George Frideric Handel]
Xerxes [Originaltitel: Serse] [Oper von Georg Friedrich Händel]
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  • Xerxes {m} I. [achämenidischer Großkönig] = Xerxes the Great [Xerxes I]
  • Xerxes = Xerxes [Aladdin] [Disney]
  • Xerxes [Originaltitel: Serse] [Oper von Georg Friedrich Händel] = Xerxes [original title: Serse] [opera by George Frideric Handel]
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  • While Esther is commonly known as the wife of Xerxes or Artaxerxes, the Book of Esther lists her cousin Mordecai as present during Nebuchadnezzar's capture of Jehconiah in 599 BC, and Josephus referencing him as a contemporary of Darius, making it impossible for Mordecai to be alive during Xerxes' or Artexerxes' reigns.
  • Persepolis Treasury Archive covers thirty five (35) years, from 492 to 457 BCE, from regnal year 30th of Darius I the Great, to regnal year 7th of Artaxerxes I, with largest concentration from regnal years 19th and 20th of Xerxes.
  • Damaspia (from Old Persian *"Jāmāspi"- or *"ðāmāspyā"-) was a queen of Persia, wife of King Artaxerxes I, and mother of Xerxes II, his legitimate heir. She was Persian.
  • A few similar alabaster jar exist, from the time of Darius I to Xerxes, and to some later Achaemenid rulers, especially Artaxerxes I.
  • He was the eldest son of the Persian king Xerxes I and his wife Amestris, the daughter of Onophas.

  • "Alastor xerxes" is a species of wasp in the family Vespidae found in the Hormozgan province of Iran.
  • Gibeon is mentioned in the Book of Nehemiah as one of the towns resettled by the Jewish exiles returning from the Babylonian captivity and who helped to construct the walls of Jerusalem during the reign of Artaxerxes I (Xerxes).
  • The main character of Metastasio's "Artaserse" is based on the life of king Artaxerxes I of Persia, a ruler of the fifth century B.C., son of Xerxes I.
  • After the loss at the Battle of Salamis, Xerxes made Hermotimus the secondary guardian of some of the king's many illegitimate children, a role generally reserved for kings.
  • Haman was the royal vizier to Persian king Ahasuerus (Xerxes I or Artaxerxes I; "Khshayarsha" and "Artakhsher" in Old Persian, respectively).

  • Parysatis was the daughter of Emperor Artaxerxes I of Persia and Andia of Babylon.
  • "Artaxerxes" is an opera in three acts composed by Thomas Arne set to an English adaptation (probably by Arne himself) of Metastasio's 1729 libretto "Artaserse".
  • Xerxes II ([...]; [...]; [...]; died 424 BC) was a Persian king who was very briefly a ruler of the Achaemenid Empire, as the son and successor of Artaxerxes I.
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