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Xia Dynasty
Xia-Dynastie {f}
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Übersetzung für 'Xia' von Englisch nach Deutsch

Xia Dynasty
Xia-Dynastie {f}hist.
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  • Early "wu xia" weapon martial arts films from Hong Kong action cinema were inspired by Japanese samurai films from the 1940s onwards.
  • The film stars Xiao Ying, Yan Yuexian, Gong Jianong, Gao Qianping and Ai Xia and was produced by the Mingxing Film Company.
  • Chapter 5 uses "xiansheng" three times in a conversation set between legendary rulers Tang (...) of the Shang Dynasty and Ji (...) of the Xia Dynasty.
  • The Xixia or Western Xia dynasty controlled much of Gansu as well as Ningxia.
  • Emperor Renzong of Western Xia (1124 – 16 October 1193), born Li Renxiao (...), was the fifth emperor of the Tangut-led Western Xia dynasty of China.

  • Although still used in conjunction, the Chinese characters for "hua" and "xia" are also used separately as autonyms.
  • 1085), posthumously titled Empress Gongsu Zhangxian (恭肅章憲皇后), was the empress consort of Emperor Yizong of Western Xia.
  • The Western Xia dynasty was established in the 11th century by the Tangut people.
  • The Mongol conquest of Eastern Xia was part of the conquest of China by the Mongol Empire in the early 13th century.
  • Wuxi Zizai Film and Television Company Limited bought the film rights to the wuxia novel "Xia Yin" (...) written by Zhang Beihai.

  • The "Huainanzi" "Surveying Obscurities" chapter uses "xiao" "moan" referring to people suffering under the legendary tyrant Jie of Xia.
  • It is written as 华夏鸢尾 in Chinese script and known as "hua xia yuan wei" in China.
  • Azed Yu, “Wenxue bichu xia de mixing shenying” (Literary Images of Women), in: Taiwan dianying biji Film Notes, May 8, 2004.
  • In Da Dai li ji the small calender of the xia or hisa is inserted it is a calender of the xia dynasty and might be the oldest book in China It describes pheasants going into the water to become big mollusks this is an expression to mark the seasons and is also seen in the book of rites.
  • "Sinojackia rehderiana" (狭果秤锤树, "xia guo cheng chui shu") is a species of flowering plant in the genus "Sinojackia".

  • 從四品下 ("Cong si pin xia"; Secondary class, Rank 4, Lower grade).
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